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Optimised cloud infrastructure with the AWS Well-Architected Review!

About Ersatz-Pilot GmbH

Ersatz-Pilot GmbH is a service provider who buys compensation claims from its customers if there is a flight cancellation or delay. This saves customers time-consuming self-enforcement and a lot of stress. The company is based in Pinneberg.

The Challenge

Ersatz-Pilot GmbH, an online factoring portal for air passenger rights, is facing a significant challenge. Since its founding in 2017, the company has relied on legal technology to offer customers attractive conditions. You acquire claims from passengers for flat-rate compensation for flight irregularities.

A major milestone in the company's history was the introduction of a legal tech application. This application was built on Amazon Web Services and utilises services such as Amazon EC2, Amazon EBS and Amazon S3. In addition, AWS native network technologies such as Amazon VPC are used. This made it possible to make the processes more efficient and to offer customers a fast and reliable service. But in 2021, the Ersatz-Pilot GmbH application suffered a significant failure while it was still hosted by a classic hoster. This incident highlighted the limitations of the existing infrastructure and highlighted the need to improve application stability and availability.

Enhancing Stability and Speed Through IT Modernization

Strato's existing capacities were exhausted, which increased the urgency of a comprehensive modernization of the IT infrastructure. In order to increase the speed and availability of its services and avoid future outages, Ersatz-Pilot GmbH was forced to significantly increase the level of automation.

In this context, a well-architected framework review was carried out, focusing on the three essential pillars of security, cost and reliability. This analysis provided Ersatz-Pilot GmbH with valuable insights and a detailed list of suggestions for improvement in order to achieve the goals they had set themselves.

The insights from the review were crucial in developing a long-term cloud strategy that not only optimized the existing infrastructure, but also laid the foundation for a more reliable and efficient system. By implementing these improvements, Ersatz-Pilot GmbH was able to increase the stability of their application, minimize the number of failures and significantly increase overall performance.

This strategic step ensured that Ersatz-Pilot GmbH can continue to offer its customers excellent services while preparing for future growth. Modernizing the infrastructure and increasing the level of automation were crucial measures to ensure the company's long-term competitiveness and innovative strength.

At a glance

  • Challenge: Application failure in 2021 at classic hoster, infrastructure at Strato exhausted.
  • Goal: Increase automation to improve speed and availability.
  • Measure: Well-Architected Framework Review for Security, Cost and Reliability.
  • Result: Valuable suggestions for improvement, long-term cloud strategy, optimized infrastructure.
  • Successes: Increased stability, fewer failures, increased performance, preparation for future growth.
The Solution

A comprehensive assessment of Ersatz-Pilot GmbH's current cloud infrastructure was carried out to identify potential weak points and develop targeted suggestions for improvement. In addition to the Well-Architected Framework Review, PCG supported the company in developing a long-term cloud strategy.

The risks identified as part of the Well-Architected Framework Review enabled the cloud infrastructure to be significantly improved. These measures enabled Ersatz-Pilot GmbH to make its operations much more efficient and to achieve its business goals more easily. In addition, the number of incidents was minimized and the availability of the application was significantly increased. Thanks to the improvements in the operating model, Ersatz-Pilot GmbH was also able to improve operations with less manpower. By utilising different availability zones in the AWS regions, Ersatz-Pilot GmbH was also able to implement a concept for high availability that did not exceed the planned budget. These improvements coupled with Amazon EC2 Autoscaling Groups, Infrastructure-as-Code, storage optimisation in Amazon S3 and Amazon EBS led to a significant increase in access figures, which would not have been possible without the support of the PCG.

The AWS Well-Architected Framework Review also brought to light risks in the area of security, which were resolved quickly and easily by the PCG by implementing various security services such as Amazon Security Hub and Amazon Guard Duty. Since using the AWS Well-Architected Framework Review, all data at rest and in transit has been encrypted according to the latest standards.

The collaboration was great. Unscheduled requests were responded to effectively and quickly – even on weekends. There will continue to be regular exchanges regarding questions and concerns about our cloud strategy.
Julian Voss
Ersatz-Pilot GmbH & Co. KG
Results and Benefits

A thorough evaluation of Ersatz-Pilot GmbH's cloud infrastructure was carried out to identify weak points and develop concrete suggestions for improvement. PCG not only supported the company in implementing the well-architected framework, but also in developing a long-term cloud strategy. The resulting improvements allowed Ersatz-Pilot GmbH to make its operations more efficient, reduce the number of incidents and significantly increase application availability, resulting in increased access.

Added value at a glance

  • Improved performance: The framework enables identification of performance bottlenecks and provides guidance on optimizing workloads for scalability, reliability, and efficiency.
  • Reduced costs: Significant cost savings can be achieved by optimizing resource utilization and eliminating unnecessary expenses. A major component was the use of Amazon EC2 Autoscaling Groups.
  • Increased security: The framework helps assess security vulnerabilities and implement best practices to protect data and systems. Compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements is made easier. This is now also monitored with Amazon Security Hub and Amazon Guard Duty as well as Amazon CloudWatch.
  • Improved reliability: The framework helps develop architectures that tolerate failures and ensure high availability. Implementation of disaster recovery plans is supported to ensure business continuity.
  • Optimized operational efficiency: The framework promotes the automation of tasks, resulting in more efficient management of cloud infrastructure. Applying best practices simplifies the management of the cloud environment and reduces administrative burden.
  • Sustainability: By optimizing the use of resources, energy consumption and environmental impact are reduced. Well-architected workloads use fewer resources and contribute to more sustainable cloud usage.

For the future, Ersatz-Pilot GmbH is planning to use container technologies such as Amazon ECS.

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