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Wowed Shopping Experiences via Google Chrome Enterprise

The retail industry is changing. Forecasts show that by 2023, more than 20% of sales will be generated purely from e-commerce. External influences such as "Corona" are sustainably reinforcing and accelerating this transformation. So online retail is booming. A blessing for Amazon and Co. But for many other retailers, it's a major challenge. But you can understand the customers. E-commerce stands for information in real time: reading product information and reviews, checking inventory or finding the supplier with the lowest price. These are just a few examples of what makes online shopping so attractive to so many. Conversely, this means that it is becoming increasingly difficult for retail companies to lure customers into their stores.

But what if customers had the same in-store experience they know and love online? In this article, we'll show you how you and your store associates can use Google Chrome Enterprise to create shopping experiences with the wow factor.

Turn your branch employees into cloud workers

Probably the biggest differentiator from online shopping is personal customer advice in the store. The better the advice, the greater the likelihood that customers will make their next purchase in the store rather than online. Both the expertise of your store employees and easy access to relevant information determine the quality of the consultation and are therefore crucial for the customer experience.

Therefore, make sure that your employees can access all relevant product information, stock levels, promotions, etc. as quickly and easily as possible, at any time and in any place. With Google Chrome Enterprise, your employees become cloud workers. Because the information is not stored locally but centrally in the cloud, your employees have fast and secure access to all necessary data.

At the same time, the central distribution ensures that all your employees are always working with the most up-to-date information. In combination with the high-performance and lightweight Chrome Devices and a battery that lasts all day, a clear win-win situation. Because not only does this increase the productivity of your employees, it also improves the customer experience in the store.

Customer service or autonomy instead?

Every customer is different. Every customer has different needs. That's another reason why many people appreciate online retailing. Because here, autonomy prevails to a large extent. Offer your customers the opportunity to decide freely. For example, between a personal consultation and an efficient self-service station. With Google Chrome Enterprise, you can introduce smart kiosk applications and digital signage solutions. Through the cloud-based enterprise management solution, you can manage the devices uniformly and centrally. This not only allows you to deliver new content in real time, but also reduces the effort and cost of IT administration at the same time. And if you add a personalised experience to the mix, your customers are guaranteed to return. So customise your buying processes and give your clientele the autonomy that fits their individual needs.

It's up to you. If you want your customers to hunt for bargains not only online, but also in your stores, then you should urgently improve the customer experience. Google Chrome Enterprise solutions play an essential part in this.

Talk to our Chrome experts and evaluate your options with our ChromeOS Flex service. In just four hours of your time, we'll discuss potential use cases and show you how Google Chrome Enterprise can benefit you and your store associates.

For more exciting tips and insights on how retail companies can benefit from Google Chrome Enterprise, visit our Google Cloud Consulting page.

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