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Code of Conduct

1. Introduction

This Code of Conduct was developed to specify and help continuous implementation of the PCG principles by establishing a minimum standard of behaviour in key areas.

The purpose of this document is not to cover all situations and scenarios that may occur. It is created to provide a certain frame of reference.

Each employee should get familiarised with all the aspects of this Code of Conduct and is responsible to seek for help and guidance when they are in doubt about the proper course of action in scenarios not covered in this document. Each employee has full responsibility to do the right thing to the best of their knowledge.

2. Vision, Mission and Values of PCG

Employees should always be generally guided by the PCG vision, mission and values. The vision statement briefly describes the company's overall goal, which we would like to achieve in the future. The mission statement, on the other hand, describes what we do in our daily business. The values describe the fundamental principles and ideas according to which we interact within the company, but which also distinguish us externally in our dealings with customers and partners.


Be the independent go-to cloud partner for customers, skilled employees and hyperscalers across wider Europe.


Being the company that enables customers through all phases of their cloud journey and creates an empowering workplace.


Create customer value

Treat your customer as a partner. Be pragmatic. Deliver results with long term customer impact in mind.

Be considerate

Embrace diversity. Contribute to thoughtfulness. Challenge professionally, care personally.

Take action

Take responsibility and ownership. Be proactive and get things done. Commit to quality.

Be collaborative

Contribute to teamwork without borders. Share information and knowledge. Listen to other perspectives and help each other achieve results.

Be transparent

Be open and honest. Communicate with transparency. Build trust overtime with customers, partners and colleagues.

Be curious

Embrace change. Ask more and search. Commit to continuous learning and explore new paths.

3. Main principles of the conduct

Confidentiality and privacy protection

Confidential information consists of any information that is not or not yet public, or information that is sensitive in nature. Each PCG employee (that has access to confidential information) is responsible to handle this information with special care. They should not disclose or allow disclosure of confidential information. Furthermore, employees must use best efforts to avoid unintentional disclosure when starting or sharing this information. This obligation continues beyond the termination of employment.

Protection against discrimination and harassment

PCG respects the dignity, privacy, and personal rights of every employee, possible employee, customer, partner or any person we encounter. We are committed to maintaining a workplace free from discrimination and harassment. We take these principles very seriously, and each employee is expected to treat others with respect and avoid situations that may be perceived as inappropriate.

Therefore, employees must not discriminate on any base, with examples including, but not limited to:

  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Origin
  • Religion
  • Age
  • Race
  • Political loyalty

Examples of unacceptable behaviour:

  • Negative comments based on age or family role
  • Misogynistic comments
  • Racial or ethnic slurs
  • Mocking or disrespectful comments on dialects and accents
  • Discriminatory comments against members of marginalised religions as a group
  • Homophobic or transphobic comments or slurs
  • Inappropriate or unwelcome focus or comments on a person’s physical characteristics or appearance
  • Judgmental and opinionated views on job positions and generally “how things should be” according to your opinion
  • Isolation and shunning, gossip, rumours, insults, name-calling
  • Any other harassment that affects an individual’s dignity or psychological or physical integrity

Equal opportunity

We are committed to creating and maintaining a diverse and inclusive culture, allowing individuals with mixed talents, viewpoints, personalities, and experience to excel in their careers. We promote fairness and equal opportunity. PCG will not tolerate unlawful discrimination in any way.

Respecting Human Rights

PCG respects and protects human rights wherever we do business.

We follow all applicable labor and employment laws and fair employment practices. We respect fundamental human rights and do not support any form of human trafficking, child labor, slavery, indentured labor, or forced labor.

We expect our business partners, including suppliers, to be committed to these principles.

Integrity and quality of work

PCG’s integrity is essential for maintaining trustworthiness and reputation. It is expected that each PCG employee is trustworthy, candid, and straightforward in both personal and business relations. It is expected that each PCG employee follows not only the legal code, but a strict moral and ethical code as well.

Apart from integrity, our reputation is highly based on the quality of work we provide. Each person is individually responsible for the quality of work they provide on multiple levels:

  • As an individual
  • As a part of a team
  • As a part of an organisation

Each employee is expected to:

  • Act with honesty
    We strongly believe that it is essential to communicate and act truthfully, sincere, and forthright while still following the company values. Honesty should be included both to others and to oneself.
  • Take responsibility
    Each PCG employee is expected to take responsibility for their day-to-day behaviour and hold themselves to the highest moral and ethical standards. Each employee takes responsibility for their decisions and for carrying out the duties of their position to the best of their abilities.
  • Take accountability
    We are building and maintaining a culture where everyone has an appropriate level of personal accountability of the decisions they make and actions they take.
  • Act carefully
    To ensure a continuous quality of work and to maintain the image and reputation of PCG, it is expected that each employee delivers tasks with a certain level of accuracy and correctness and avoid purposefully or unintentionally taking actions that would have a negative effect on an individual’s dignity, psychological or physical integrity or have a negative effect on PCG’s reputation.

Anti-bribery and corruption

In order to ensure and maintain a relationship of trust and respect both within PCG and with external customers, partners or anyone else with professional contact, we as PCG resolutely reject any kind, whether active or passive, of bribery and corruption.

Specifically, this means that PCG employees may not offer, promise or grant benefits to public officials at national or international level or to decision-makers in the private sector at national or international level in order to obtain preferential treatment or a favourable decision for PCG.

Furthermore, PCG employees may not allow themselves to be promised or offered benefits and shall not accept any benefits if this creates, or could create, the impression with the parties bestowing the benefits that they can thus influence the employees’ business decisions. Also, PCG employees must never request any benefits for themselves or third parties.

Sustainable Growth & Environmental Governance

PCG is committed to protecting and preserving our environment and natural resources and ensuring that any impact we make in our communities is a positive one.

We conduct business in a socially responsible and ethical manner that protects the environment in which our employees, customers, suppliers and other business partners are located, and we are committed to leveraging our Cloud Platforms and services to help our customers transition to a low-carbon economy.

4. Reporting of Violations of the Code, Illegal or Unethical Behaviour

Every PCG employee should report known or suspected violations of this Code of Conduct to the management or HR team. All reports will be treated with confidentiality and none of the reports made will be retaliated.