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10 Reasons to Use Google's Teaching Platform

With Google Classroom, Google provides educational institutions with an online-based, multifunctional teaching platform. As part of Google Workspace for Education, the Fundamentals version is even free of charge. Teachers can quickly and easily create subjects or courses and assign tasks to pupils and students. In this blog post, we share 10 reasons why you should use Google Classroom for your classroom.

1. Easy setup of Google Classroom

Teachers can set up courses and add students and other teachers to these courses in minutes. On the Classwork page, information such as B. Share assignments, questions, and materials.

2. Better organisation in the digital classroom

Students and teachers have an overview of assignments and see them on the To Do page, in the course stream, and in the course calendar. This simplifies planning. Course materials are automatically saved in Google Drive.

3. Seamless integration with other Google Workspace for Education apps

As part of Google Workspace for Education, Google Classroom is seamlessly integrated with the other apps. For example, all pending tasks and appointments are maintained in Google Calendar and file storage is controlled via Google Drive. Tasks can be obtained via Google Docs, Slides, Sheets. In addition, teachers can start a Google Meet with students directly from Google Classroom.

4. More control over video lessons with Google Meet

As an instructor, teachers can show a Google Meet meeting link. When meetings are generated from Google Classroom, students cannot join the video conference before the teacher. Google Meet also recognizes which people are part of the course, so that only students and teachers of the corresponding course can participate.

5. Direct feedback for students in real-time

Teachers can see at a glance whether a student has completed assignments or still needs time. You can also follow in real time how students work on assignments and at the same time give feedback and grade assignments.

6. Extending Google Classroom with add-ons

Add-ons such as Kahoot, Adobe Spark and EdPuzzle can be used in conjunction with the Google Workspace for Education versions of the Teaching and Learning Upgrade and Education Plus.

7. Easy grading and creation of rating categories

Course instructors have the option of evaluating student assignments. This can be implemented via a grading system and/or via evaluation categories.

8. Direct communication

As a teacher, leave messages in the so-called course stream. Here you can share resources and interact with students. After approval, the students can also enter into an exchange with each other.

9. Flexible learning with access across all devices

To use Google Classroom, your educational institution only needs Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals (also free) and a web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari. Classroom generally supports the latest versions of major browsers and is compatible with all common smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PCs with internet access.

10. Sustainability

Since everything is done online, students and teachers do not waste paper and other office supplies. It also ensures that no materials or submitted assignments are accidentally lost as everything is available in the cloud.

Introduction in video

You can also watch this videoExternal Link for a brief overview of features in Google Classroom.

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