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7 Compelling Reasons to Use Google Workspace in HR

Google Workspace's cloud-based applications can address numerous current challenges in the HR field. In our blog post, you'll discover 7 compelling reasons as to how Google's collaboration solution can enhance internal teamwork and provide greater flexibility for your employees.

1. Attract and retain new talent, increase employee satisfaction

In times of a shortage of skilled workers and the increasing desire for flexibility, it is increasingly difficult for employers to fill vacancies promptly and professionally. The search for new talent is often difficult, especially when the job is advertised in a location-based manner. The long-term retention of talent is anything but easy and obliges companies to make themselves attractive as employers beyond financial incentives.

Google Workspace applications enable you and your team to work together regardless of location and device. With classic office jobs, it no longer matters whether someone is in the office or working from home. This means that you can look for qualified personnel across your country or even worldwide. The number of potential applicants increases many times over and flexible working increases employee satisfaction.

2. Joint development of job descriptions with Google Docs or Google Slides

Finding the right candidates for open positions starts with crafting the job description. When the department and HR quickly align on candidate requirements, it expedites the hiring process. Moreover, accurately describing the role's responsibilities increases the likelihood of retaining top talent.

With Google Docs or Google Presentations, the entire team can collaborate on a single document in real-time. This means you can see colleagues' comments and edits as they happen, eliminating the need for multiple versions. Additionally, you can easily invite others from the relevant department or management to review and approve the document. This streamlines involving all stakeholders and speeds up the job posting process.

3. Track the current application status with Google Spreadsheets (Sheets)

If several positions are to be filled at the same time, it is a certain challenge to keep HR and all other parties involved up to date.

With Google spreadsheets you can inform stakeholders about news or they can see the application status there. Changes are displayed in real time and task-specific questions can be asked via comments. Thanks to numerous project plan templates, you can get started quickly.

4. Interview from anywhere with Google Meet

In order to find the best candidate for a position, it is sometimes necessary to conduct numerous interviews. Especially in the early phase of the application process, a short conversation is often sufficient to clarify mutual ideas and to make an initial selection. In the later process, work samples from the applicants may also be of interest.

With Google Meet, you can easily hold video conferences. This is much more personal than a telephone interview, saves travel costs and offers both the interviewer and the applicant more flexibility. Whether from the office, from the home office or even on the go - it can be carried out easily from anywhere. In addition, those responsible from departments can be added quickly and easily. By releasing a document, you can also set tasks and follow applicants' thoughts and suggested solutions live. You can even carry out extensive assessments with different groups thanks to breakout rooms in Google Meet. This allows you to make a well-founded assessment of possible candidates.

5. Simplify onboarding with up-to-date training materials on Google Sites and with Google Drive

Good onboarding is crucial to keep employee turnover as low as possible. However, this is easier said than done, especially in large companies but also, for example, in distributed teams. Updated versions of the training material are often sent via email. The more content and changes are added, the more likely it is that innovations will be overlooked or wrong versions will be used.

So build a website with onboarding and training resources quickly and easily with Google Sites. Link documents or videos from Google Drive and as soon as you replace a version, it is updated in real time. You can also use shared drives in Drive to share training resources specifically with trainers. When a trainer edits a document or presentation, everyone else can see the changes and provide real-time feedback. This way, everyone is immediately informed about updates and the materials are always up to date.

6. Get feedback from colleagues using Google Forms

It is usually difficult to get quick feedback from employees on projects or other topics. Especially if neither suitable tools nor enough time are available to speak directly to all colleagues or if the whole thing is to be done anonymously.

Google Forms makes it easy to create surveys and send them to large groups of people at once. Get feedback on overall job satisfaction or organise registration for the next company event. Results are clearly recorded in Google Sheets and can be analysed there in more detail if necessary.

7. Create applications yourself without programming knowledge with AppSheet

Daily work in human resources often consists of numerous manual administrative tasks that take a lot of time but do not contribute to overarching HR goals. An app can help automate workflows, leaving more time for important tasks. However, the creation of such an application is often time-consuming and requires additional free capacities in the IT department.

With the NoCode platform AppSheet (available as an addon, for Google Workspace Enterprise Plus users at no additional cost), HR employees can create an application without any programming knowledge. Manage holiday requests, sick leave or certificates - all this can be implemented in AppSheet with just a few clicks and a little practice.

Conclusion – Using Google Workspace will help you achieve your HR goals

Companies that rely on Google Workspace not only work together efficiently, they also benefit from an HR perspective. From recruiting to onboarding to increasing employee satisfaction - the Google Workspace applications accelerate and simplify numerous processes in human resources, but also in all other departments.

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