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App Evolution - The modernisation of the DAW service apps

About DAW

DAW is a Hessian family business in its fifth generation and the largest private manufacturer of building paints and thermal insulation in Europe. The DAW group of companies is known for its strong brands such as Caparol, Alpina and ALLIGATOR, which develop and distribute high-quality coating systems for various areas of application. With a clear focus on quality, sustainability and customer satisfaction, they support their customers in the successful realisation of their projects.

The Challenge

As part of the modernisation of the DAW service apps for specialist tradesmen, paint wholesalers and DAW sales staff of the Caparol and ALLIGATOR brands, DAW was faced with the challenge of bringing outdated applications up to date with the latest technology. The aim was to create a user-centred application based on the latest technologies, such as Flutter and Microsoft Azure, that would integrate seamlessly into the existing product information system and provide users with easy access to information from the DAW product world. In addition, by revising the UI and UX and integrating the Piwik tracking tool, an application was to be developed that offers customer-centred added value. The decision to focus on refactoring and modernising legacy applications offered the opportunity to increase efficiency, optimise maintainability and significantly improve the user experience. The modernisation is the basis for future extensions of the DAW service apps.

The maintenance of outdated applications poses a significant challenge for the efficiency and future viability of companies. The resources required to maintain the application are often disproportionate to the added value that the application brings to companies and users. This also applied to the service apps of the DAW brands Caparol and ALLIGATOR. The applications for craftsmen, retailers and DAW sales staff were costly to maintain, while they no longer met the requirements and expectations of users.

Recognising and exploiting potential for improvement

The goal of providing quick and easy access to product information via the apps was not achieved. A confusing and text-heavy user interface and long loading times made the application unattractive for users. Outdated technology and inadequate UX/UI design, the lack of scalability and performance as well as the absence of important functions and analysis options made a comprehensive modernisation and redesign of the apps urgently necessary. The challenge was to develop a modern application based on the existing functions of the previous service apps. This was to be more than just a product catalogue. Adapted to the representative look and feel of the DAW brand world, the apps were to offer real added value for customers as well as for the company's digital ecosystem. The modernisation of the application was intended to create the basis for putting the user experience back at the centre of the services.

The Solution

In close collaboration with the development team at PCG Germany, the old application underwent a comprehensive modernisation.

Refactoring and modernisation - from product catalogue to communication platform

Based on Microsoft Azure, a new, user-centric app was developed within five months that is cross-platform optimised for both Android and iOS. The use of Flutter makes the app particularly customisable. This ensures that new requirements for expanding the range of functions can be responded to promptly.

Improved functionalities - clear, efficient, sustainable

The new app, which was developed as part of DAW's digital ecosystem, has had a complete UX/UI rework. The focus of the modernisation strategy was on improving the user experience. A reliable filter function makes the product search intuitive and user-friendly. In addition to the manual search, relevant product information can be displayed via the barcode scanner. The simplified option of marking product favourites gives users intuitive access to frequently used products.

The retailer search has been optimised and now offers an interactive map view as well as direct contact options. The user can therefore contact the nearest retailer quickly and easily directly from the app.

Added value through communication & data-supported decisions

With the modernisation, the application changed from a product information catalogue to a digital communication medium. The previously static app has been given a higher degree of flexibility in terms of content maintenance. This enables the marketing team to quickly and easily publish relevant information, marketing campaigns or communication about new products. This makes the app a valuable tool for customer communication.

In addition to optimising the app's interface, new features have also been added. Using Piwik, the DAW team is now able to analyse the use of the application for the first time. Analysing which products are searched for most frequently and how the target group uses the app provides the DAW team with valuable information and enables them to make data-based decisions for the first time.

Results and Benefits

The collaboration between PCG x DEV and DAW was characterised by an agile approach based on joint requirements engineering. The project was completed in sprints with regular reviews and synchronisation, which enabled effective and transparent communication. A productive working atmosphere was created through fixed contact persons on the part of PCG, who took up and actively challenged DAW's product vision.

Transparent, efficient & customer-centred

DAW particularly appreciates the hands-on mentality of the PCG development team. Service and implementation were complemented by comprehensive and needs-orientated consulting. Instead of an extensive requirement specification, the team relied on iterative processing of the tasks and was thus able to react more quickly and individually to the needs of the customer in the project.

The fact that PCG's Development Unit offers the operation and further development of the application from a single source makes the collaboration sustainable for DAW.

Service-orientated app development

The project demonstrates the added value that innovative digital concepts can have for a company's business model. The user-centred further development of the application is already being planned. This will ensure that the app fulfils the needs and requirements of users in the best possible way and supports them in their daily tasks. The focus is on the service concept. In the future, it will be possible to integrate additional DAW brands into the application. Adding further countries or language versions is also an option.

The service apps of the DAW brands Caparol and ALLIGATOR

Caparol iOS: https://apps.apple.com/de/app/caparol/id431253221?platform=iphoneExternal Link

Caparol Android:

https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.plebsapps.p4.caparol&hl=de&gl=USExternal Link


https://apps.apple.com/de/app/alligator/id924898590?platform=iphoneExternal Link


https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.alligator.app&hl=de_AT&gl=USExternal Link

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