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Boosting Employee Efficiency & Satisfaction in Manufacturing

How do Chromebooks help improve the efficiency and satisfaction of manufacturing employees? Whether it's retail, healthcare, or manufacturing, companies in almost any industry can benefit from Google Chrome Enterprise. But manufacturing in particular has a wide variety of use cases. In this blog post, we'll show you how Chrome OS devices specifically help plant and production workers in their daily work and how that contributes to business success.

Increased efficiency and satisfaction of plant and production employees

Because well-trained and satisfied employees not only ensure fast and smooth production, but also remain loyal to the company for many years. Especially in times of shortage of skilled workers, this is a real competitive advantage. Furthermore, in manufacturing areas with high employee turnover, it is important to provide easy induction and training opportunities. This is the only way to ensure efficient and error-free work in the plant.

Turn your plant employees into cloud workers

Product quality and production speed depend on many factors. An important component is that employees have fast and flexible access to all necessary information and processes at all times. This could be information on the production status of components, assembly instructions or stock levels, for example. Support your production employees by providing them with secure end devices. Give them anytime access to the data and systems they need in real time and turn them into "cloud workers" with Google Chrome Enterprise.

Whether used as a notebook or tablet, Chromebooks are lightweight, rugged, boot up in seconds, and have an enduring battery. Accelerate your production processes this way and ensure fewer production stops at the same time.

Give All Factory Workers Access to the Company Network

Factory employees who have limited or infrequent access to company-provided devices may miss out on training opportunities, internal job postings, quarterly plans, or – especially relevant today – important hygiene measures within the company. This can lead to them feeling disconnected from the headquarters, resulting in dissatisfaction. This, in turn, can lead to decreased productivity and increased employee turnover.

To address this, consider providing Chromebooks to your factory workers, making digital devices accessible, such as in the factory's break rooms. This ensures that they can stay informed about news on the intranet and collaborate with colleagues across the entire company network. Such an approach strengthens their connection to the company. With advanced settings and security features offered by Google Chrome Enterprise, employees need not worry about their personal data. Managed Guest Sessions even allow secure shared use of the devices.

Provide Digital Training for All Factory Workers

Offering easy access to training helps keep employees up to date with the latest knowledge and skills. However, on-site training sessions are typically resource-intensive and may not always be feasible, especially in times of COVID-19. By providing digital training options, your factory workers can enhance their skills at their own convenience, fitting it into their work schedules. At the same time, as a company, you ensure that brand values, security guidelines, and product knowledge are consistently instilled in all employees.

To enable all your employees to access training materials and continue their professional development, consider providing Google Chrome devices in dedicated training rooms. Whether with login requirements or not, you'll retain complete control over the devices and can manage them centrally. This allows you to display essential training materials directly on the start screen, ensuring that every employee can easily access them.

Conclusion — An investment with win-win-win potential

Seize the opportunity and harness the power of Google Chrome Enterprise for a successful manufacturing strategy. But why the triple-win scenario? Boosting efficiency and employee satisfaction empowers you to:

  • Optimise production processes.
  • Enhance employee retention, enabling you to build a long-term, qualified workforce and reduce the costs and efforts associated with onboarding new hires.
  • Rapidly, comprehensively, and consistently communicate training sessions and production plans to all factory workers.

We are here to support you in implementing Google Chrome Enterprise within your organisation, whether through our Starter Workshop or a comprehensive Proof of Concept. This way, you can also elevate the efficiency and satisfaction of your manufacturing workforce and achieve your goals.

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