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Boosting Retail Employee Productivity & Satisfaction

Boosting Productivity and Satisfaction Among Retail Employees

Having productive and satisfied employees not only enhances the customer experience but also fosters long-term loyalty. However, studies show that globally, two-thirds of employees are not as productive and engaged as they could be. We'll show you how Google Chrome Enterprise can help turn your staff into efficient, well-trained, and motivated frontline employees.

Transform Your Store Employees into Cloud Workers

Customer service quality relies on several factors, including ensuring employees have quick and flexible access to necessary information and processes. Recent user surveys reveal that 25% of customer service representatives and 24% of retail employees wait for over 5 minutes for their devices to become operational – assuming they even have access to their own devices. These digital processes in direct customer interactions, such as checking inventory, accessing current promotions, or processing orders, are critical.

Support your store employees by providing them with fast, lightweight, and secure devices that grant them immediate access to essential data and systems. With Google Chrome Enterprise, you can turn your staff into 'Cloud Workers.' Equipped with speedy and lightweight Chromebooks with all-day battery life, they'll have secure access to necessary information from any location.

Your customers will appreciate it through improved assistance, an optimised purchasing process, and a shopping experience with a wow factor. Simultaneously, you'll boost your employees' productivity and, typically, their satisfaction.

Give All Store Employees the Opportunity to Access the Company Network

Employees in stores who don't have access to company-provided devices or have limited access might miss out on training opportunities, internal job postings, quarterly plans, and company updates. This can make them feel disconnected from the headquarters, leading to dissatisfaction. And, dissatisfaction often results in reduced productivity and higher employee turnover rates.

Ensure that every store employee has access to internal information, tools, or training. One way to achieve this is by providing accessible Chrome devices. This allows employees to stay informed about intranet news and collaborate with colleagues across the entire company network, strengthening their bond with the company. With Google Chrome Enterprise's strong security focus, employees don't need to worry about their personal data. It's a win-win situation.

Offer Digital Training for All Store Employees

Providing easy access to training can help keep employees engaged. People who learn on the job tend to feel 39% more productive and successful. Traditional on-site training is often time-consuming and resource-intensive. By offering digital training, your store employees can enhance their skills at their convenience, aligning it with their work schedules. Of course, this requires giving them the flexibility to access a device when needed.

As a business owner, you also ensure that brand values, company policies, products, and collections are consistently communicated to all employees, whether they work in production, the back office, or have direct customer interactions in your stores and outlets. To make training accessible to all your employees, consider providing them with Google Chrome devices in training rooms, shared back-office devices, or Chromebooks through the lending program with Google Chrome Enterprise.

Whether with or without login requirements, you'll have complete control over the devices, allowing for centralised management. For example, you can prominently display essential training materials on the start screen, making them easily accessible to every employee. For example, you can display essential training directly on the home screen so that every employee can find it right away.

An investment with win-win-win potential

Seize the opportunity and implement Google Chrome Enterprise as part of your successful retail store strategy. But why 'Win-Win-Win'? The resulting improved productivity and employee satisfaction allow you to:

  • Enhance customer satisfaction through expert guidance and optimised sales processes, speeding up the sales cycle.
  • Increase employee retention, enabling you to rely on qualified personnel in the long term and reduce the costs of onboarding new employees.
  • Efficiently communicate central guidelines, training, and marketing activities to all store employees quickly, comprehensively, and consistently.

Retail and Cloud go hand in hand—a success story. We're here to support you in implementing Google Chrome Enterprise in your organisation, whether through our Starter Workshop or a comprehensive Proof of Concept. This way, you can boost employee productivity and satisfaction while effortlessly achieving your goals.

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