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Burger King Germany Shifts from Local AD to Google Workspace


Burger King Germany GmbH modernised its IT infrastructure with the support of PCG X Google. By implementing Google Workspace Client Management and using the Google Credential Providers for Windows, Burger King was able to efficiently and smoothly replace their Microsoft Active Directory (AD) and now benefits from a uniform, cloud-based management of devices, users, and permissions.

About Burger King

As a global fast food chain, Burger KingExternal Link welcomes more than 11 million customers around the world every day. The company entered the German market in 1976, when it opened its first restaurant in Berlin. Today, Burger King operates more than 130 company-owned restaurants in Germany and a further 620 restaurants through franchisees.

Restaurants worldwide
Daily guests worldwide
The Challenge

For a long time, Burger King Germany GmbH shared the same building with its owner and used a common IT infrastructure. This included a local solution with Microsoft AD Server and numerous Windows applications. However, with the change of ownership in 2021, the systems had to be cleanly separated. Since administering the previously used Microsoft Server was cumbersome and Burger King Germany GmbH had been primarily using Google Workspace as a collaboration solution for some time, they sought a solution within the Google environment. The aim was to simplify administration while allowing users to easily and securely use Windows devices. Before the changeover, for example, two passwords were required - one from Microsoft for the device and one from Google Workspace for individual files - the goal was to simplify this.

The Solution

Burger King Germany GmbH turned to PCG X Google to find an optimal solution. Together, they decided to use the Google Credential Providers for Windows (GCPW). This allows Burger King to centrally manage its Google Workspace user accounts and Microsoft Windows devices in the Google Admin Console over the cloud. Admins can also set up Windows devices so that they can use Google's secure single sign-on (SSO).

To facilitate the transition and avoid manual reconfiguration, PCG X Google developed custom scripts and provided all necessary script files and installers in a Google Drive folder. They also installed the Chrome browser on the devices to ensure a consistent setup. The Windows account was migrated to the Google Workspace account using software, and with a one-time login, Burger King finally configured the devices with minimal effort.

Results and Benefits

Burger King Germany GmbH successfully replaced the Microsoft AD and now benefits from unified management of Windows devices through integration into the Google Workspace Domain. Even some additionally used Microsoft 365 accounts were connected to the Google Directory. This saves resources and also increases security.

Since user management is handled via the Google Cloud, the Google Workspace security concept can be integrated. At the same time, the user experience has significantly improved. Employees can now easily log in to their device with their Google login details and find their familiar desktop with all files. A second password is no longer necessary. Furthermore, it makes sharing devices securely easier. If a device is faulty, you simply take another device and have instant access to your files.

"Through collaboration with PCG, we were able to successfully replace our Microsoft AD and create an optimised working environment."

— Oliver Mielentz IT Manager, Burger King Germany GmbH

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