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Chrome Devices Case Study - Mcdonald's


One of Germany's largest restaurant chains provides secure online access to its on-site crews with Chrome devices. The low-cost and easy-to-manage devices can be used by employees for a variety of training, retrieving work instructions, or even personal use. PCG supports the franchise with the provision of the hardware, including a management licence to centrally manage the devices, as well as with the administration of the domains. We also take care of the complete pre-configuration and help with possible support issues.

About McDonalds

The retail franchise company McDonaldsExternal Link boasts nearly 1500 branches in Germany, making it one of the largest in the region. It is committed to revolutionising guest service and restaurant experiences, aiming to deliver unwavering quality to customers across all locations.

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The Challenge

In the realm of the restaurant industry, maintaining a high standard of quality demands a consistent supply of current training, education, and work instructions for employees, given the significant turnover rates. This ensures adherence to safety and compliance guidelines. Consequently, the restaurant chain prioritised outfitting individual branches with digital devices to grant employees at each location access to current internal information. Additionally, users were to be provided the option to use the devices for personal use on-site.

Probably the most important requirement for the new devices was to keep acquisition and administration costs low while maintaining the highest security standards. The previous fat client Windows PCs were outdated stand-alone solutions, where each device had to be individually provided with virus protection and system updates. This meant a high administrative effort and therefore high costs. The goal was therefore to find a solution that minimised this effort and consumed as few internal resources as possible.

The Solution

The franchise company now equips its employee crews in the branch lounges with Chromebooks and Chromeboxes. These devices grant them access to current content from the company's internal network. Chrome hardware operates on the Chrome OS operating system, designed for cloud-based work. The advantage: system updates are performed regularly and seamlessly in the background, with integrated virus protection, ensuring the devices are always up-to-date. Another convenient feature is that the devices are usable both with a personal login and in a user-unrestricted kiosk mode. This allows optimal utilisation by multiple individuals while maintaining secure access.

PCG facilitates the device acquisition and associates them with a management licence before shipping. All interconnected devices no longer require individual handling, as they can be managed by central IT through the admin console. This means on-site staff at the stores are relieved from administrative duties. This approach enables pre-configuring company-wide applications, and the Chromebooks or Chromeboxes only need to be launched upon arrival at the branch. Thus, current content like training on food safety or essential hygiene measures can be directly displayed on the home screen.

Results and Benefits

The restaurant chain now has more than 500 Chromebooks and Chromeboxes in use. The majority of these are in Germany, but branches in Austria or Belgium have also come to appreciate the advantages of the Chrome devices. Thanks to our straight-forward administration and cooperation, the franchise company was able to reduce the internal resources for the project to a minimum and save costs at the same time.

In addition, employee onboarding and training has become much more efficient thanks to the always-available training option. With changing staff, this not only serves to maintain quality standards, but also increases job performance and leads to more productive employees. The fact that the Chrome devices can also be used for private purposes during breaks also has a positive effect on employee satisfaction.

Retail and PCG? A success story. We would be happy to support you in the introduction of Google Chrome Enterprise in your company. For example, with our Starter Workshop or a detailed Proof of Concept. So that you increase the productivity and satisfaction of your employees and achieve your goals with ease.

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