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Empowering SMBs Through Cloud Technology: A T34MS Success Story


In an era where digital transformation is crucial for business growth, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are increasingly looking towards cloud technology to gain a competitive edge. This case study highlights the journey of T34MS, an innovative Swedish company, in leveraging cloud solutions with the expertise of the Public Cloud Group (PCG).

About T34MS

T34MS, a forward-thinking financial services provider in Sweden, specializes in offering digital solutions that streamline financial processes for businesses. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, T34MS has been a forerunner in adopting technology to enhance their services.

The Challenge

As T34MS strived to expand its digital platform, the need for a robust, secure, and scalable cloud infrastructure became evident. The main challenges included:

  • Ensuring secure and efficient user authentication.
  • Delivering static content reliably and swiftly.
  • Facilitating smooth API interactions for users and admins.
  • Managing serverless computing efficiently to handle varied backend requests.
  • Streamlining email communication for effective user engagement.
The Solution

PCG stepped in with its cloud expertise to transform these challenges into opportunities. The solution was a multi-faceted approach:

  • Authentication and Authorization: Integration of Amazon Cognito provided a secure and differentiated access system for users and admins.
  • Static Content Delivery: Utilizing Amazon S3 and Amazon CloudFront ensured quick and reliable access to the application's static content.
  • API Interaction: Development of RESTful APIs allowed seamless backend interactions for both users and admins.
  • Serverless Compute with AWS Lambda: This approach enabled scalable and cost-effective backend operations, enhancing overall performance.
  • Email Communication: Implementation of an asynchronous email system using Lambda functions, SQS, and SES ensured reliable and efficient communication.
Results and Benefits

The collaboration led to significant advancements for T34MS:

  • Improved security and user experience through robust authentication.
  • Enhanced website performance with faster content delivery.
  • Streamlined processes with efficient API interactions.
  • Cost-effective and scalable serverless computing solutions.
  • Reliable and efficient email communications.
About PCG

Public Cloud Group (PCG) supports companies in their digital transformation through the use of public cloud solutions.

With a product portfolio designed to accompany organisations of all sizes in their cloud journey and competence that is a synonym for highly qualified staff that clients and partners like to work with, PCG is positioned as a reliable and trustworthy partner for the hyperscalers, relevant and with repeatedly validated competence and credibility.

We have the highest partnership status with the three relevant hyperscalers: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google, and Microsoft. As experienced providers, we advise our customers independently with cloud implementation, application development, and managed services.

Services Used

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