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3 Creative Tools and Apps for Interactive Learning

Enhancing your teaching with tools and apps as part of Google Workplace for EducationExternal Link and Chromebooks can bring more interactivity and excitement to the classroom. That's why we'd like to introduce you to 3 creative tools that can be integrated into lessons for students of all ages.

How can you access these tools and apps?

There are various platforms for this, including the Google Workspace MarketplaceExternal Link. It offers a wide range of free applications and apps that can be combined with Google Workplace for Education and easily added to your domain. Another option for accessing applications and apps is the Chrome Web StoreExternal Link. For this, you need a Chromebook, but not Google Workplace for Education. Finally, applications and apps can be opened via the Google Play App Store as part of Google Workplace for Education.

1. PowToon

Easy creation of explainer videos — PowToonExternal Link offers students the opportunity to creatively present their knowledge in the form of explainer videos and animated presentations and work together in one document.

PowToon Overview

  • Provides the ability to insert templates, images, illustrations, animations, characters, and voice recordings, among other features
  • Can be used with students from lower and upper secondary school to university settings
  • Promotes cross-cutting skills and can be integrated into almost any subject. Examples: Creating a book presentation in German or introducing a character in a foreign language.
  • Accessible via the Google Workspace Marketplace
  • Free version; upgrade: 10 € per month per classroom for 60 licenses or user based

2. MindMeister

Visually capture and share ideas in the form of a mindmap - MindMeisterExternal Link is an online mindmapping tool that lets you visualize ideas and collaborate from anywhere.

MindMeister Overview

  • Offers, among other things, the possibility to insert branches as well as sub-branches, videos, icons and templates
  • Can be used with students in elementary school, lower secondary school, and upper secondary school, as well as in university settings
  • Promotes cross-cutting skills and can be integrated into almost any subject. Examples: Collecting rules for mindmapping in German, collaboratively creating a mindmap on possible causes of natural disasters in geography.
  • Accessible via Google Workspace Marketplace and Chrome Web Store
  • Free version with up to 3 mindmaps; upgrade: 0.99 € per month for 20 licenses or user based

As a MindMeisterpartner, we offer you a discounted project price and training on how to use it effectively.

3. Book Creator

Individual creation of e-books — The Book CreatorExternal Link app makes it possible to create digital books and comics. Students and teachers can edit these together.

Book Creator Overview

  • Offers the possibility to insert texts, images, photos, graphics, drawings, videos as well as audio content, among other things.
  • Can be used with students in elementary school, lower and upper secondary school, and in university settings
  • Promotes cross-cutting skills and can be integrated into almost any subject. Examples: Illustration of photosynthesis in biology subject, creation of a comic in German subject.
  • Accessible via the Chrome Web Store
  • Free version with 40 books per teacher; upgrade: 60 € per year for 180 books per teacher


In summary, the three applications and apps presented are ideally suited for creative and digital teaching. Are you looking for applications and apps for other fields of knowledge? You will find numerous other applications and apps on the presented platforms, including for subjects such as mathematics, German, and languages.

If you're new to Google Workplace for Education and Chromebooks, or if you'd like more information about applications and apps, feel free to reach out to us. We're here to assist and provide you with further details.

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