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Duet AI for Google Workspace: Use Cases for the Deployment

Generative AI is revolutionising collaboration. In a complex and information-rich business world, it's critical to quickly access relevant information and collaborate effectively. Generative AI in Duet AI for Google Workspace supports your employees in their daily work by analysing vast amounts of data, recognising patterns, and generating valuable insights in real time. This enables a new dimension of efficiency and productivity.

Generative AI across all Google Workspace apps

Duet AI for Google Workspace, an add-on available separately for Google's widely used collaboration tools, seamlessly incorporates Gen AI capabilities into your daily workflow, spanning Mail, Calendar, Meet, Docs, Sheets, and more.

But which scenarios are the best fit for leveraging these Generative AI features? And which departments stand to benefit the most? Let's delve into the practical applications of Duet AI for Google Workspace in Sales, Human Resources (HR), Product Development, and Marketing.

Use Case #1: Sales & Planning

Every minute that the sales team spends on administrative tasks is a minute lost in customer acquisition. This is why the sales department is particularly well-suited for leveraging Duet AI for Google Workspace. With Generative AI features, manual tasks can be automated, and workflows optimised, especially in the following areas:

  • Creating personalised emails, even on the go.
  • Creating multiple versions of a message, each targeted to a different customer profile.
  • Developing personalised outreach actions for social selling.
  • Developing unique visuals for presentations.

Use Case #2: HR, Recruiting & Onboarding

Generative AI functions can also support employees in their daily work in the HR area, so that they can concentrate on their core tasks. The HR department receives support with, among other things:

  • Writing job advertisements and job profiles.
  • Personalised approach to potential job candidates in the recruiting process.
  • Preparation of interviews and drafting of interview questions.
  • E-mail communication with internal employees.
  • Developing ideas for training programs or content for e-learning.

Use Case #3: Product Development

For product owners and other stakeholders in the context of product development, there are also exciting use cases for the application of Generative AI, such as:

  • Creating user stories directly from meeting notes.
  • Developing new ideas for future features.
  • Supporting the development of acceptance tests and test criteria.
  • Improving communication between development teams and business teams.

Use Case #4: Marketing & Communication

Generative AI creates content - as we well know - and of course, Marketing & PR are probably the areas that benefit the most. Gen AI in these departments:

  • Eases the process of idea generation for blog articles, website content, and social media.
  • Decongests the workload of researching and creating new content.
  • Creates and evaluates SEO-optimised content for the appropriate target audience.
  • Accelerates the drafting of presentations and other documents.
  • Assists in creating press releases and other communications materials.
  • Enables the development of communication plans and related content in minutes instead of weeks.

Other Areas

The use of Generative AI also makes sense in other departments, e.g. in internal IT administration. Studies showExternal Link that companies using Generative AI can increase their collaboration efficiency up to 30%.

Do you have a Generative AI strategy for your business?

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