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First multi-cloud group with pure focus on public cloud solutions

NORD Holding’s investment represents the start of a corporate merger to form a platform that is 100% focused on public cloud solutions, offering cloud transformation and managed public cloud services.

NORD Holding is acquiring a majority interest in the public cloud service providers Cloudwürdig, Innovations On, and DI-ON.solutions. It also has plans to invest in a further founding member for the platform and expects to complete this within the next eight weeks. The management teams, led by Oliver Schallhorn, will continue to hold leadership positions in the new group of companies and will own significant interests in it.

Public cloud technologies represent an increasingly central element of digital transformation strategies at mid-tier and enterprise clients. We firmly believe that our consistent focus on multi public cloud solutions will come at just the right time for client demand. We look forward to devoting our attention to the expansion of the Group’s service portfolio and utilizing growth potentials,” said Andreas Bösenberg, CEO of NORD Holding.

Oliver Schallhorn, cofounder of Innovations ON: “Public clouds are not only on the advance in the IT industry, but are also the basis and driver of all our clients’ future IT infrastructures and solutions. By becoming established together under the umbrella of NORD Holding, we can offer our clients the public cloud solution that suits them while also serving as a multicloud provider.”

“By building a group of companies for public cloud solutions – a group that is so far unique – we are working together with NORD Holding to pursue a goal of becoming the most relevant public cloud service provider in the German-speaking countries in just a few years. We are not making any compromises and will 100% rely on multi public cloud solutions as the basis for rapid and effective digital transformation for our clients,” said Florian Holz, founder of Cloudwürdig.

The investment was carried out by the Software & Technology team at NORD Holding, emphasizing its sector-specific capabilities for IT services.

NORD Holding was represented in the transaction by Andreas Bösenberg, Moritz Merkert, Christoph Grunewald, and Konstantin Wilckens.

Illustration 1: Oliver Schallhorn, CEO of the Public Cloud Group (PCG)

About Public Cloud Group (PCG)

Public Cloud Group (PCG) guides companies along their entire cloud journey through the use of public cloud solutions. As an experienced partner of all relevant hyperscalers (Amazon Web Services, Google and Microsoft), PCG holds the highest certifications of the respective providers and advises its customers independently.

In addition to Cloud Infrastructure and Modern Workplace, the relevant service areas of the Cloud Journey also include technological focus topics such as Data & AI, Security, Cloud-native Development, SAP Cloud Services and comprehensive operations, known as Managed Cloud Operations.

Today, PCG brings together the expertise of more than 400 cloud experts at numerous locations in Europe.

PCG's more than 1,150 customers include Allianz, BurgerKing, Flaconi, Generali, HelloFresh, KlassikRadio, Linde Group, Lorenz, McDonalds, myposter, N26, Veolia, Viessmann and many other companies, primarily from the upper midmarket as well as public and private educational institutions.

About Cloudwürdig GmbH

Cloudwürdig supports companies and institutions with the use of innovative technologies for modern working and Google Cloud-based digital infrastructure. Based at two locations (Magstadt near Stuttgart and Berlin), Cloudwürdig serves clients of different sizes in different industries such as commerce, heavy industry, education, and health. Since 2008, its team of over 30 digital transformation experts, Google Cloud architects, and coaches have drawn on some of the longest experience available in the effective deployment of Google Cloud technologies for businesses in the German-speaking countries. Cloudwürdig GmbH is led by Benny Woletz.

About Innovations ON

Innovations ON GmbH and its currently roughly 30 public cloud experts guide and advise clients in the German-speaking countries on their journey to the cloud and during the subsequent operations. A service provider specializing in cloud migration, managed services, and cloud solutions, Innovations ON has AWS Advanced Consulting Partner status. It is a certified IT contractor under ISO 27001, 9001, and 14001. The company started recently in late 2018 and is led by Tom Simon and Dagmar Ziegler. Its head office is in Ulm and it has other locations in Munich, Frankfurt am Main, Cologne, and Stuttgart.

About DI-ON.solutions

DI-ON.solutions GmbH is a specialist in cloud-native app and software development. Founded by Niklas Mengele and Henry Burkert, the company supports its clients with an objective of solving complex problems with tailor-made software applications.

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