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Google Cloud Security ABC: Chronicle Simply Explained

Cloud-native security in Google Cloud

Once developed in Alphabet's X think tank, Chronicle is now an integral part of the Google Cloud security solution portfolio. Using cloud data and machine learning algorithms, Chronicle helps organisations protect their existing cloud infrastructure from attacks. Under the motto "Cloud-native. Clear signals. Effective response." Chronicle delivers a cloud-native approach to threat detection, investigation, response, and remediation.

Google Chronicle SIEM solution

With the computing power and scale of the Google Cloud.

Chronicle uses the speed and scaling of the Google Cloud to enable companies to find, understand and solve possible traces of attacks better and faster. By bringing together all security-relevant data on a timeline, companies receive a detailed overview of their security situation. Combining this data with Google threat intelligence creates a powerful analytics environment that enables organisations to get threat intelligence in seconds or minutes—not hours or days.

How Google Chronicle works

Fast and comprehensive security analysis

With Chronicle, organisations give their Security Operations Center (SOC) the power it needs to successfully tackle even the toughest security challenges:

  • Threat detection and response: detect and respond to modern threats with the speed and scalability of the Google Cloud
  • Threat hunting: Quickly evaluate alerts and understand attack intelligence
  • Security visualisations: Create intuitive visual workflows that enable any analyst to be more productive

Chronicle makes it easy to quickly and securely upload existing security telemetry. The data can be passed to the Chronicle platform from any syslog source, an existing log aggregator, a SIEM or via packet capture.

Security even for very large data volumes

As the data available in a company grows, so do the requirements for managing a security analytics solution. The result: more and more servers, storage space, networks, data backup and employees to manage it all. Chronicle eliminates this challenge once and for all. That's because Chronicle was designed to handle massive amounts of data. Scaling to 100+ petabytes is no problem. That's because the platform is built on an unparalleled data infrastructure that can ensure the same performance regardless of the workload.

How good is your Google Cloud Security?

Our Google Cloud Platform experts put your security through its paces. With our Cloud Security Maturity Assessment, you not only benefit from valuable feedback, but at the same time take away best practices and helpful tips for you and your employees to ensure the security of your Google Cloud Platform in the long term. Contact us now!

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