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Google Meet: Calendar Guest Lists & Booking Tool

Millions of users worldwide work with Google Workspace cloud-based applications every day. Since Google is constantly working on optimising the apps, users can always look forward to innovations. In the last few weeks, one or the other new feature has been announced or already rolled out.

We take a look at the two helpful Google Workspace innovations "Calendar guest lists in Google Meet" and the "Booking tool for meetings in Google Calendar" and give tips on how you can use them to simplify your everyday work.

Calendar guest lists in Google Meet

In Google Meet, you can now see the participants who have been invited to a meeting but are not yet in the conversation. You can find these under the heading “Also invited”. In addition, you can also see the participation status of all invitees, including "optional" attendees and notes.

You can access this information via the participant icon in the lower right corner of the menu. The new function makes it easier for you to start meetings in Google Meet more efficiently. If necessary, send a short reminder via chat to people who are not yet participating and thus shorten the waiting time.

Booking tool for meetings in Google Calendar

When planning face-to-face meetings or video conferences, Google Calendar helps to avoid communicating back and forth to find a suitable time. However, especially when working with customers or partners who do not have access to their own calendar, finding an appointment was not always easy. With the new Google Calendar function, an integrated booking tool for meetings is available in Google Workspace. External people can also book an appointment in the time slots you specify.

To do this, go to Google Calendar > Schedule and then configure your individual booking conditions. Also determine what information you want to ask potential meeting partners in advance. Then click Save. Now you can simply share the link with others, eliminating the hassle of email ping-pong trying to find an appointment. Add this to your email signature, for example.

In order to benefit as much as possible from the new booking tool for meetings as a Google Workspace user, your Google calendar should of course be well maintained.

Google Workspace training with PCG

As a long-standing Google Cloud Partner, we support companies with the introduction and give tips for the efficient use of Google Workspace. Benefit from our training and ensure that employees can use the various tools efficiently.

In addition to our Google Workspace Implementation And Support package, we offer a wide range of other services for Google Workspace. Additionally, our Managed Services can help ease the burden on your IT department.

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