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Google Workspace and Security

Change came faster than expected. The Corona pandemic made new ways of working necessary from one moment to the next, and many companies introduced hybrid working models under great time pressure. Once established, it can be assumed that these changes came to stay.

Executives are now gradually beginning to rethink the way their teams work. They update strategies and policies. They put hastily implemented tools to the test and evaluating new options with a focus on what's best for the company and employees in the long run. This is especially true when it comes to data security and integrity.

In this blog post, you'll learn why Google Workspace's cloud-connected collaboration apps are ideal for the new world of work, especially from a security perspective.

Safety must be thought further ahead

We are in a new era of data security where we need to abandon our traditional notions of what a workplace is. Because this is no longer a physical space, but rather the digital environment of technologies and applications we work with. Whether you do the work at home, in a traditional office, or anywhere else, it no longer matters. With this in mind, security needs to be thought of more broadly. It's no longer just about protecting information or restricting access to it, but also about developing secure methods to facilitate seamless collaboration and information sharing.

No safety compromises despite more flexibility for employees

The drive for improved collaboration and increased flexibility brings with it new challenges. Most companies are not in a position to equip all employees with hardware. So they use personal devices that may not be equipped with the same security features as those in the office. The same is true when using a private Wi-Fi. But what can a security-conscious business leader do to avoid sacrificing security?

Cloud-based security

On-premise enterprise systems have relied on highly controlled environments, usually through in-office network security or virtual private networks (VPNs). Cloud-based platforms like Google Workspace, on the other hand, promote data sharing and collaboration regardless of physical location. They work because the vast majority of business-critical programs and applications can also be accessed through browsers like Chrome. That means employees don't need additional device drivers to work successfully.

Zero-trust approach

Zero-trust models like Google's BeyondCorp shift the focus to the individual user without the need for VPN technology. This allows access controls to be enforced regardless of where the user is or what device they are using. Any user or device attempting to access a network or its resources must be authorised, creating higher security boundaries for file sharing, app downloads and data usage. This also applies to employees using their personal devices.

Security by Design

An excessive number of security controls and restrictions can hinder collaboration. Therefore, the tools used should already be secure from the ground up, without bothering end users. As a company inextricably linked to the cloud, Google is familiar with security issues. Thanks to a robust global infrastructure, highly skilled security experts, and Google's signature spirit of innovation, it's also ideally equipped to handle them.

In addition, straightforward monitoring and management of systems reduces the risk of serious outages. The Admin Console allows Google Workspace admins to centrally manage all system configurations and application settings - from authentication to protecting their own content or controlling operations.

Compliance, E-Discovery and Analysis

Google attaches the highest importance to the topics of data protection and security standards. It ensures strict contractual commitments regarding data ownership, use, security, transparency, and accountability. It also provides the tools necessary to meet compliance and reporting requirements.

Trust and openness

Google is committed to transparency. All customer data in Google Workspace belongs only to the customers — not to Google. It is neither sold to third parties nor used for advertising. Google assures that this will remain the case in the future.

You can find more information on this in the Google Workspace whitepaper on security and complianceExternal Link.


Google Workspace solves the security challenges of the modern working world

Google Workspace offers a platform that not only facilitates seamless collaboration but also prioritises top-notch security. Additionally, in comparison to traditional on-premises software, it streamlines management. This means that implementing Google Workspace provides your employees with increased flexibility — not only without compromising standards, but also enhancing your security.

Source: The future of work requires a more human approach to securityExternal Link

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