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Google Workspace Case Study – Flaconi


Flaconi simplifies processes such as onboarding and offboarding of IT staff using Google Cloud to reduce administrative overhead, allowing IT managers to focus on value-added projects. Thanks to the provision of a cloud-based working environment with Google Workspace tools, the coordination effort between different departments was also significantly reduced and the transition to the home office during the Corona pandemic was straightforward.

About flaconi

FlaconiExternal Link is one of the leading online stores for beauty products in Germany. The portfolio includes over 850 global brands and 55,000 products from the areas of perfume, skin care, makeup, hair care, natural cosmetics and accessories. It covers all product segments from pharmacies to organic cosmetics and premium products.

The Challenge

In the early days of the company, each team operated with a high degree of independence, often using their own preferred tools and applications. Employees used a diverse array of devices and operating systems, and for a while, this worked. However, as Flaconi'sExternal Link success and growth continued, the online shop realised that its heterogeneous IT environment was causing miscommunication and duplicated efforts, leading to significant administrative and coordination challenges.

The Solution

Flaconi introduced Google Workspace for its 350 employees and benefits from the cloud-based tools in various aspects of their daily work:

  • Easy video meetings with Google Meet, even for participants not part of the organisation, arranged through the calendar.
  • With Google Drive, everything is stored in the cloud, allowing access from anywhere and any device. Access, editing, and sharing rights can be tailored for individuals, teams, or limited to Flaconi employees.
  • Document creation and editing, collaborating in a document using Google Slides, Sheets, or Docs, with direct browser access.
  • Automated processes thanks to well-documented and open APIs of Google Workspace applications. In-house developers can easily use the interfaces to import and export data from individual tools and to connect the tools with each other.
Results and Benefits

The transformation to Google Workspace

  • Enabled real-time collaboration across multiple devices and operating systems with seamless meeting, file storage, and document editing solutions
  • Supported an immediate and smooth transition to 100% remote working during COVID 19 lockdowns
  • Saved time by automating office processes such as onboarding and offboarding
  • Reduced workload, administrative burdens, and training requirements for the IT admin team

You can find the detailed customer story here:

https://workspace.google.com/intl/en/customers/flaconi.htmlExternal Link

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