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As an agency for experiential communication, JazzuniqueExternal Link brings brands to life through strategic communication. This spans from the planning and conceptualization of events to the design and execution of brand spaces, and even extends to comprehensive design and communication strategies. Jesper Götsch, CEO of Jazzunique, explains: "Wherever people and brands come together in real life, we are there to shape communication." For the process of ideation, conceptualization, and execution, a high degree of creativity and coordination among employees is required. This is why Jazzunique chose to adopt Google Workspace (formerly G Suite). With our assistance, existing files were migrated, and the new cloud solution was implemented.

About Jazzunique

Jazzunique is a Frankfurt-based communications agency with an interdisciplinary team of communications professionals, event managers, designers and architects. Founded in 2004 with a mission to create unique and engaging brand experiences, its clients include companies from all sectors, such as Merck, Union Investment and Bridgestone.

Projects in 2022
The Challenge

For the process of ideation, conceptualization, and execution, a high degree of creativity and coordination among employees is required. This is why Jazzunique chose to adopt Google Workspace (formerly G Suite). With our assistance, existing files were migrated, and the new cloud solution was implemented.

Replacing the local NAS system

In the creation of design concepts, it is essential for Jazzunique to work with CAD data and large graphic files. Up until now, they relied solely on a local NAS system, which no longer met the demands of the growing company. It required a complex backup solution, and particularly after updates, there were frequent disruptions. Jazzunique was in search of a way to leverage the benefits of the cloud while still being able to quickly access large CAD files without overloading the internet connection. Essential in this regard was straightforward user and access management, which had consistently posed issues in the previously used infrastructure. Beyond the technical challenge of data migration, Jesper Götsch also considers embedding the new solution in the minds of the employees as a crucial part of the change: "It was particularly fascinating for us to convince people to use an alternative to the existing office tools. It was of utmost importance for us to involve employees from each of our teams right from the beginning of the transition process."

The Solution

To ensure real-time editing of large graphic files while still benefiting from the cloud, a hybrid solution was introduced. CAD files are stored on the local network, while all other data and applications reside in the cloud. This entailed the adoption of Google Cloud and Google Workspace. With our assistance, existing files and folder structures were migrated, and existing systems were integrated by Jazzunique.

Additionally, Jazzunique implemented change management, where employees actively participated in the change process and familiarised themselves with the new tools of Google Workspace. In this manner, the company ensured a smooth transition phase.

Results and Benefits

The implementation of Google Workspace greatly facilitates collaboration and coordination in projects. Collaborating on ideas and concepts in a real-time document enhances the creativity of employees, and the integration of resources such as conference rooms or company vehicles into the calendar streamlines coordination. Moreover, Jesper Götsch is enthusiastic about the ability to access personal files from anywhere and any device: "No matter where I am, I always have the same data and the same interface. I am no longer tied to traditional infrastructure. This is the model for the future."

Furthermore, the new Google Cloud solution eliminates the need for Jazzunique to handle backups of the local NAS; Google now takes care of that. User and access management also now proceed seamlessly. The introduction of Google Workspace has not only been successful from a technical perspective, but also the employees quickly embraced it thanks to effective change management. Jesper Götsch adds, "The transition was successful, and you can feel it in the team's satisfaction."

Public Cloud Group as a Google Workspace Partner

The CEO of Jazzunique also expressed his satisfaction with our collaboration: "I looked specifically into who could support us on our journey to Google Cloud. Right from the start, there was a highly professional and structured impression of the company, and the collaboration was excellent.”

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