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PCG completes portfolio

Public Cloud Group, with headquarters in Ulm and now 14 locations in Europe, acquires the Southern German SAP expert LNW-Soft and completes its end-to-end cloud portfolio with the SAP cloud service component.
Customers and partners benefit from a holistic expertise that builds on the three relevant Hyperscalers and unfolds its full added value in the profound competence of the portfolio topics.

“Public Cloud Group is one of very few partners in Europe that is able to support companies holistically in the setup and operation of their cloud IT landscapes. In doing so, we rely on the relevant Hyperscaler platforms, AWS, Microsoft and Google. We are very pleased that we have succeeded in rounding off our value proposition and completing our portfolio for our customers with the acquisition of LNW-Soft, our absolute preferred SAP partner,” says Oliver Schallhorn, CEO of Public Cloud Group GmbH, commenting on the latest news.

Picture 1: LNW-Soft as part of Public Cloud Group (PCG)

LNW-Soft acquired as SAP expert

The Erding-based company LNW-Soft is one of the hidden champions in the SAP environment. In recent years, LNW has made a name for itself as a trusted advisor for the transfer of grown, highly complex SAP landscapes to a lean, agile and future-proof cloud infrastructure. With its proprietary software solutions, LNW-Soft provides customers with a platform for the automated operation and future coupling of existing SAP infrastructures to Hyperscalers.

Numerous companies in both the mid-market and enterprise segments are currently in large-scale transformation projects in the context of SAP S/4HANA. “SAP S/4HANA is the architecture and platform of the future for our customers. In this context, we are the pioneers on the market for the SAP on Azure specialist area and have already implemented numerous large-scale projects. A central component is that a large part of the architectures are not just transferred in a simple way, but are fundamentally rethought. We do not leave our customers to navigate this difficult transformation path alone,” explains Lénárd Buday, one of the two managing directors and founders of LNW-Soft.

“The strong network, as well as the deep hyperscaler expertise, are the key reasons why we decided to merge with Public Cloud Group. We bundle competencies and want to provide our customers not only with a state-of-the-art platform, but also with the appropriate managed service offering. The integration of further hyperscalers into our operating platform and the development of associated customer segments is also strategically on the roadmap,” adds Raphael Schiller, also Managing Director of LNW-Soft.

PCG Portfolio Completed – Holistic Public Cloud Assistance

Public Cloud Group was founded just over a year ago with a clear value proposition to medium-sized companies and enterprise customers: to offer the relevant IT solutions in the public cloud from a single source. The initial merger of the Hyperscaler expertise of AWS and Google was promptly followed by the expansion of the third central area around Microsoft and its cloud platform Azure. Since then, the focus has been on expanding portfolio areas such as cloud development and managed cloud operations, which has now been completed with the integration of many years of SAP experience.

“In building up PCG, we proceeded according to a strict set of principles. The focus has never been on quantity, but always on the strategic and sensible development of content solution areas, which are oriented exclusively to the needs and objectives of our customers and partners,” explains Oliver Schallhorn.

PCG’s experts, who now number around 300, not only support a wide range of companies and industry leaders in the planning and execution of cloud projects, but also accompany them in the long term as operating partners with managed cloud operations. The infrastructure component serves as the basis and is enriched with solutions for the workplace, cloud-native development, multi-cloud scenarios and, most recently, SAP cloud services.

Cloud security competencies are also being further developed and expanded with intensity within PCG. PCG’s goal for the coming year is also to be a leading provider and, above all, a trusted advisor in this key portfolio area for customers.

An above-average competitive working environment, a great atmosphere within the company and a unique story with more than 100 hires in 2022 alone, as well as a multi-stage, specially designed development program for employees, will continue to enable rapid organic growth.

Picture 2: (l.t.r.) Lénárd Buday, Oliver Schallhorn and Raphael Schiller

About Public Cloud Group (PCG)

Public Cloud Group (PCG) guides companies along their entire cloud journey through the use of public cloud solutions. As an experienced partner of all relevant hyperscalers (Amazon Web Services, Google and Microsoft), PCG holds the highest certifications of the respective providers and advises its customers independently.

In addition to Cloud Infrastructure and Modern Workplace, the relevant service areas of the Cloud Journey also include technological focus topics such as Data & AI, Security, Cloud-native Development, SAP Cloud Services and comprehensive operations, known as Managed Cloud Operations.

Today, PCG brings together the expertise of more than 400 cloud experts at numerous locations in Europe.

PCG's more than 1,150 customers include Allianz, BurgerKing, Flaconi, Generali, HelloFresh, KlassikRadio, Linde Group, Lorenz, McDonalds, myposter, N26, Veolia, Viessmann and many other companies, primarily from the upper midmarket as well as public and private educational institutions.

About LNW-Soft GmbH

LNW-Soft GmbH is a German software and consulting company specialized in SAP and infrastructure automation with headquarters near Munich. As an SAP Gold Partner and one of the largest Microsoft partners of SAP on Azure in Europe, LNW-Soft’s expertise has been proven with more than 4,000 successfully migrated SAP systems.

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