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Reducing IT Costs and Expenses in Manufacturing

Companies in industry are increasingly relying on modern and innovative digital technologies. Often underestimated, but of great importance, is the selection of digital end devices. They are a prerequisite for ensuring that your employees have the right information available on site at all times. Whether speeding up production processes, onboarding new personnel, increasing employee satisfaction or improving quality assurance - mobile devices can successfully support processes in many areas (How companies in manufacturing benefit from Chrome Enterprise). In this article, we'll show you how you can reduce IT costs and efforts in the process, while contributing to the success of the (manufacturing) enterprise.

IT at plant locations is often administered locally

Our experience from a large number of projects in the industrial sector shows us that IT is often managed and maintained locally at various locations - regardless of whether this involves mobile end devices as support in production or for classic office work. As a result, central IT resources are tied up on site at the plant in the event of failures, malfunctions or the installation of new security updates or product releases. Added to this is the travel time involved. Or the IT know-how is located at the respective production site, which in turn leads to increased costs for personnel and their training and further education. That's why many of our customers opt for a solution that can be administered centrally. Minimum effort with maximum control.

Save resources thanks to cloud-based enterprise management solution

Google Chrome Enterprise offers such a centrally administrable solution. Without much effort, it is possible to enforce policies, pre-install apps and configure all necessary settings in the admin console, which can be accessed online. IT has full control over all devices at all times without having to physically pick them up. This allows IT managers to significantly save resources and use them for other projects. Studies show that with Chrome Enterprise, management costs are up to 63% lower than with often maintenance-intensive Windows devices* - a strong prediction.

Safety comes first

Google places the highest value on security with Chrome Enterprise. The corresponding Chrome hardware (laptops, tablets or dettachables) is based on the Chrome OS operating system and is designed for working in the cloud. That means everything is done directly in the browser. The advantage: System updates are performed regularly and seamlessly in the background and virus protection is already integrated, so the devices are always up to date. Another practical feature is that the devices can be used both with a personal login and in kiosk mode. This means that they can be used optimally by several people in your plant's break room, for example, and offer protected access at the same time. Thanks to automatic updates, scaled detection of security vulnerabilities and user-friendly security alerts, you can proactively protect your employees and data from unknown threats.

An investment that pays off quickly — not only for IT

With Google Chrome Enterprise, manufacturing companies in particular can benefit IT departments and save enormous IT costs. This is not only due to the inexpensive and durable Chrome devices, but especially due to the fast Return On Investment. Studies show that mid-sized companies can achieve an ROI of 146% within three years and pay back the investment costs in less than six months. Combined with the resource savings, the numbers are impressive: Lower support, deployment, and hardware costs, as well as reduced administrative overhead and downtime, can result in hardware cost reductions of 33% and additional cost savings, such as IT resources, averaging $1.5 million within three years.*

However, a switch to Google Chrome Enterprise also has positive effects on other areas in the company. Thanks to the freed-up resources, IT managers can implement other projects more quickly - to the satisfaction of everyone involved. By making content and apps available centrally, manufacturing departments can also provide information and process-relevant functions more quickly and in a more targeted manner. This boosts employee productivity and satisfaction while ensuring consistently high product quality. In this way, IT contributes to the success of the company while saving important resources and budget.

Launch with Chrome Enterprise

Would you also like to reduce the IT costs and efforts of your plant locations in your manufacturing company? Then talk to us. The Chrome Enterprise specialists from PCG X Google will be happy to support you with our ChromeOS Flex service, with the evaluation and proof of concept as well as with the implementation of your individual solution.

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