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RISE with SAP: Key Decision Factors

The digital landscape is evolving rapidly, especially with the availability and adoption of cloud and AI technologies. With the end of support for SAP ECC and the need to migrate to the next generation of SAP - SAP S/4HANA - companies are facing the challenge of modernizing their SAP infrastructure. In this context, the term "RISE with SAP" is becoming increasingly important for IT decision makers. As an option for the future operation of your SAP landscape, a closer look at the case helps.

Navigating Cloud Options with SAP

"SAP RISE" is not just a product, but a holistic business transformation-as-a-service.
In addition to RISE options and SAP Cloud, public cloud providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and GCP offer promising solutions for the SAP landscapes of the future.
Choosing the right SAP cloud operating model should take into account a number of factors. The decision must recognize the complexity of the existing SAP system landscape and take into account the overall business strategy.

SAP RISE: The choice between public and private cloud

When implementing new SAP solutions, "RISE with SAP" in the public cloud is a highly standardized solution that comes closest to the SaaS subscription model. The ERP system is managed directly by SAP and is regularly updated and enhanced with new functionality.
Alternatively, RISE with SAP S/4HANA Cloud Private Edition provides additional flexibility and control for companies that already run more complex SAP systems with their own customizations. SAP continues to provide the infrastructure (through its hyperscaling partners) and software. At the same time, SAP assumes operational responsibility down to the SAP Basis level, i.e., technical maintenance down to the operating system and HANA database level. Application change management, and therefore control over release upgrades, remains in the hands of the customer, with SAP requiring that the software be updated every three years.

Clear Cost Transparency and Informed Decisions

The evaluation and selection of "RISE with SAP" requires a careful examination of the cost structures at the license and technical levels, as well as a comparison with alternative options. A vendor-neutral evaluation of the business case for "RISE SAP" across your entire SAP service lifecycle can lead to significant savings. In addition, it helps you make the right decision by providing a transparent comparison.

Success in the SAP Cloud with PCG

It is important not to view the RISE with SAP decision in isolation. There are numerous constellations in addition to SAP RISE, including on-premise and hybrid operating models, as well as managed service or self-service approaches for the SAP Basis level. An experienced partner like PCG can help you. Together we can evaluate all the pros and cons and actively shape your cloud journey.
Curious? Learn more in the webinar "Clarity in the 'RISE with SAP' decision"External Link!

In Conclusion

Moving to "SAP RISE" is more than a cost discussion - it is a strategic decision for your company's digital transformation. Whether you choose "RISE with SAP", a direct cloud migration, or a hybrid model, the decision should be made after careful consideration of issues such as...

  • License management
  • Overall cloud strategy
  • Future of existing operations teams and
  • Hosting preferences

...should be made. The choice is driven by your business goals and requirements.

Take control of your future

Is your company facing the challenge of determining the optimal path for the SAP RISE" journey? Contact us today to schedule a personalized consultation and set the course for your digital future.

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