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Secure End Devices in Retail With Google Chrome Enterprise

Managing end devices in their stores is often a daunting task for many retail companies. It involves dealing with different manufacturers, operating systems, and patch levels, all while relying on users to keep devices up to date and free from malware. This not only impacts employee satisfaction and productivity but also leaves room for unwanted actions and security breaches.

As a result, IT managers invest a significant amount of time in the tedious process of patching and updating hundreds of distributed end devices, covering firmware, operating systems, utilities, drivers, browsers, and applications. This not only escalates the costs but also places a heavy burden on IT administration and ties up valuable IT resources.

Fortunately, the cloud provides a solution for dealing with the chaos of endpoint devices, and IT professionals can take advantage of the benefits offered by cloud-based architectures to enhance device security. Monitoring information stored and shared in the cloud is simpler than dealing with vulnerable devices in the stores. Managing and updating software running on a centralized cloud platform is much easier compared to doing it locally on various devices. So, consider adopting a cloud-native approach to enhance the security of your store devices while reducing costs and IT administration efforts.

Google Chrome Enterprise as a cloud-native solution for data security and centralized device management

Cloud computing provides companies with the opportunity to rethink the traditional endpoint security model. A cloud-native approach can significantly enhance endpoint security and drastically simplify device management.

Google Chrome Enterprise harnesses the benefits of cloud computing. The migration of data and applications to the cloud enables simple, centralized, and rapid management, reducing the surface area for unwanted access and malware. Furthermore, the cloud-native approach opens the door to new and innovative security and management features, including:

  • Security features integrated into hardware and firmware
  • Effective use of sandboxing and user-level encryption
  • Fast and seamless operating system updates
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Secure browsing for store employees
  • Whitelisting and blacklisting of applications
  • Central deployment of security policies
  • Centralized device management

Whitepaper: Cloud-native security for endpoints

For more background on the cloud-native endpoint security approach and why Chrome Enterprise is the ideal solution, read the whitepaper "Cloud-Native Security for Endpoints - Chrome Enterprise's innovative approach to protecting data and simplifying IT managementExternal Link" (PDF).

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