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Google Cloud Security ABC: Security Command Center Simply Explained

Security and risk management for Google Cloud

Security Command Center (SCC) is an all-in-one solution for your security and risk management in the Google Cloud. SCC helps you discover your assets in real time, protect your infrastructure from threats, and provides detailed visibility into your current Google Cloud security status. The advantages at a glance:

  • Centralized visibility and control
  • Fix configuration errors and compliance violations
  • Detect threats to your Google Cloud assets
Security Command Center Premium

Asset recognition and inventory

With Security Command Center, you can identify and sift through your assets in real time. These include App Engine, BigQuery, Cloud SQL, Cloud Storage, Compute Engine, Cloud Identity and Access Management, Google Kubernetes Engine and many more. You also have visibility into previous discovery scans at any time to identify new, changed, or deleted assets very easily.

Protection from threats

With SCC, you can determine the security status of your Google Cloud assets. This can reveal common web application security vulnerabilities such as cross-site scripting or outdated libraries in your web applications running in App Engine, GKE and Compute Engine. And the nice thing about it: to fix configuration errors, you can click directly on the affected resource and follow the given solution steps. It could hardly be simpler.

Detection of new threats

With the Security Command Center, you are also excellently positioned for the future. With SCC, detect new threats at scale using logs run in Google Cloud. Identify some of the most common container attacks, including suspicious binaries and libraries, and reverse shell.

Google Cloud Security Audit

Our Google Cloud experts put your security through its paces every 3 months. With the quarterly security audit and the Security Command Center Premium, you not only ensure the ongoing security of your cloud infrastructure, but also receive a certificate at the same time, which you can use as proof for your upcoming certifications, such as ISO 27001.

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