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SMB Digital Empowerment: Cloud Success with StiQ, PCG and AWS


In an ambitious initiative to revolutionize their digital framework, StiQ, a dynamic player in the K-12 foodservice industry, embarked on a cloud journey with Public Cloud Group (PCG). This venture into Amazon Web Services (AWS) was not just about migration; it was about redefining what a small to medium-sized business (SMB) can achieve with the right cloud strategy.

About StiQ

StiQ, with their commitment to quality and innovation in school nutrition, has always sought ways to integrate advanced technology into their operations. For more insights into their ethos, visit StiQExternal Link.

The Challenge

As a growing SMB, StiQ faced the dual challenge of migrating to a scalable cloud platform and achieving an operational model that was secure, cost-effective, and productive. Their existing PHP-based website infrastructure was inadequate to support their expanding digital footprint and operational needs.

The Solution

PCG's tailored strategy for StiQ included:

  • Robust Infrastructure Design: Developing an AWS-based VPC with meticulously configured subnets, ensuring enhanced data security and uninterrupted service availability. The use of multiple Availability Zones fortified the system against potential outages.
  • Advanced Security Protocols: Implementing AWS's IAM roles, security groups, and network ACLs, significantly upgrading the security posture - a critical factor for SMBs facing increasing cybersecurity threats.
  • SMB-Specific Disaster Recovery Plan: Crafting a disaster recovery strategy with automated backups and multi-zone data replication, a vital safety net for SMBs to maintain continuity in adverse scenarios.
  • Optimized Application Hosting: Deploying EC2 instances specifically chosen for their ability to efficiently handle StiQ’s website loads, ensuring superior website performance and user experience.
  • Database Efficiency with AWS RDS: Utilizing AWS RDS PostgreSQL, providing a scalable, reliable database service, crucial for SMBs needing to manage growing data without excessive complexity or cost.
Results and Benefits

The transformation led by PCG yielded remarkable benefits, particularly significant for SMBs:

  • Cost-Effective Scalability: StiQ enjoyed a scalable infrastructure that grows with their business needs without incurring substantial costs – a boon for budget-conscious SMBs.
  • Enhanced Security and Compliance: SMBs are often at risk due to limited security resources. The AWS environment's robust security standards provided our client with peace of mind, knowing their data and operations were secure.
  • Operational Efficiency: The migration led to a streamlined operational model, allowing the staff to focus on core business activities rather than IT management.
  • Business Continuity Assurance: The comprehensive disaster recovery plan ensured that operations could withstand unforeseen disruptions, a critical aspect for SMBs that cannot afford extensive downtime.
  • Data Management and Performance Monitoring: With AWS CloudWatch and RDS, StiQ gained insights into performance metrics and database management, enabling data-driven decisions.
About PCG

Public Cloud Group (PCG) supports companies in their digital transformation through the use of public cloud solutions.

With a product portfolio designed to accompany organisations of all sizes in their cloud journey and competence that is a synonym for highly qualified staff that clients and partners like to work with, PCG is positioned as a reliable and trustworthy partner for the hyperscalers, relevant and with repeatedly validated competence and credibility.

We have the highest partnership status with the three relevant hyperscalers: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google, and Microsoft. As experienced providers, we advise our customers independently with cloud implementation, application development, and managed services.

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