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Turn Your Store Employees into Cloud Workers

Store employees with customer contact are often neglected or even completely forgotten by companies when it comes to cloud transformation. Read this blog post to find out why this is a missed opportunity and why retailers should turn their store employees into cloud workers with Chrome Enterprise.

Why Choose the Cloud?

Many companies now recognize the advantages of cloud technology and are investing in the digital transformation of their workforce, with a specific focus on a group known as 'Information Workers.' These employees in management, marketing, procurement, HR, or accounting are already reaping the benefits of cloud computing. Real-time collaboration accelerates processes, allowing presentations to be completed on the go, and facilitating secure, device-independent access to files.

Untapped Potential

In addition to 'Information Workers,' retailers should also pay attention to 'Frontline Workers,' who are employees with direct customer interactions in stores. These Frontline Workers are the backbone of the company, serving as brand ambassadors and significantly impacting the customer experience. Therefore, they deserve special attention. They are often the first point of contact for customers, playing a crucial role in shaping the initial impression potential buyers have of a company.

As we all know, there is no second chance to make a first impression, and that initial impression often lingers, whether it's positive or negative. Considering that 89% of all businesses expect to compete primarily based on the customer experience, there is significant potential for cloud transformation, especially within the retail sector. So, how can retail companies make the most of Cloud Workers?

Cloud Worker Advantages

The are many advantages of cloud-based work for retail employees:

  • Increased employee satisfaction: Instant access to internal information, collaboration tools, and training materials. Cloud workers stay up-to-date, increasing engagement and loyalty to the company.
  • Increased customer satisfaction: Increase the quality of customer service through capabilities such as checking inventory, accessing current promotions, or taking orders. Mining data that leads to personalised buying experiences through ML-powered applications, strengthening the relationship between customer and company.
  • Increased productivity: Cloud technology enables cost-effective management of frontline workers thanks to easy onboarding and training opportunities. This increases productivity while boosting revenue. (You can also read our article on ‘How manufacturing companies increase the efficiency and satisfaction of their employees’).
  • Improved security: Cloud technology provides layered and proactive protection. With the ability to centrally manage devices, security requirements and corporate policies can be ensured on all devices without much effort.

Why Chrome Enterprise?

Chrome Enterprise includes many features designed specifically for working securely in the cloud. So with cost-effective Chrome hardware, you can turn your branch employees into cloud workers in no time. In particular, centralised management of devices with the Chrome Enterprise upgrade saves IT resources, and on-site branch workers don't have to worry about device maintenance.

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