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Sustainable Community Management in the Cloud


United for the Future: How FC Augsburg Strengthens Community Management Sustainably with Cloud Technology

About FC Augsburg

FC Augsburg, founded in 1907 as FC Allemania, is a traditional club with strong ties to the city and its people. The club has a holistic philosophy focusing not only on sporting success, but also on social responsibility, sustainability and environmental protection. With the motto "Build Bridges. Move people. Protect the environment". FC Augsburg is committed to a sustainable society and fosters close relationships around the FCA family, including with its members.

South German Champion (2nd League)
Promotion to 1st League
The Challenge

When tradition meets cloud technology and sustainability meets innovation, remarkable success stories can come to life. In their search for innovative solutions for communication and member retention, the club found a reliable partner in form of our cloud native development expertise. This case enabled us to demonstrate how technology and sustainability can harmonise on the playing field of FC Augsburg and lead to an impressive result.

Activating fan power: The search for a user-friendly digital solution

One of the biggest challenges for FC Augsburg was the need to optimise internal and external communication, especially with club members. Indeed, the exchange of information was proving particularly difficult to achieve without the right digital solution, given the extra restrictions created by the pandemic.

The association detailed an objective that information should be collected as efficiently as possible, and should be delivered to the right places. An active dialogue with members and fans is also a high priority, and it was important that they should be kept informed and motivated to actively participate in the club's life.

The club was also optimistic that a digital solution from the cloud could be the answer to these challenges, and that a high level of user-friendliness, simple access and low-threshold processes should be the basic requirements for the project.

The Solution

Cloud technology as a bridge between members and the club

On a technical level, the solution for FC Augsburg was a combination of React frontend and AWS Serverless architecture in the backend. The club became able provide its members with surveys and other content via the website, to help them actively participate in club life. In addition, a solution was created that provides the club with current transfer market data with the help of a web crawler and the Elektron app.

In cooperation with PCG's Cloud Development, the club succeeded in creating digital pillars for community management as well as for winning and distributing business-relevant information.

Results and Benefits

The solution empowers FC Augsburg to easily engage its community, regardless of technical expertise, thanks to the user-friendly interface of the cloud solution.

Shared visions: Agile teamwork for successful implementation

From the initial consultation to the planning and execution phases, the project proceeded smoothly and without any unexpected complications. The collaboration with PCG's Cloud Native Development Team was characterized by open communication, agility, and a problem-solving mindset. This close collaboration allowed for a better understanding of the club's needs and the flexibility to adapt to new demands.

The collaboration as equals was outstanding, reducing complexity to a manageable level without disrupting the club's core activities.

The Outlook: Continuous Optimization Thanks to Cloud Development: Digital Solutions for Sporting Success

The solution has moved the club forward in many ways. It has made it easier to involve the FCA community, leading to increased participation and stronger engagement. Process automation and real-time data provision have significantly improved efficiency, especially in community management. The club's digital presence has also seen a substantial quality improvement. Another advantage is the cost savings compared to the previous manual solution.

In conclusion, this collaboration has provided a tailored digital solution for FC Augsburg to further streamline its processes, advance technologically, and foster closer engagement with its club members.

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