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True Digital Transformation in Healthcare with Google Cloud

Digitising processes in hospitals and deriving real value from data can be quite challenging for IT professionals. This isn't because digitization is new, but quite the opposite – larger hospitals often use 500 or more applications across various departments. Each department has its own specialised apps with unique identity management. Safeguarding personal data is paramount in healthcare, and securing access to specific areas is crucial.

The issue lies in the lack of seamless system integration and user-friendly access management with current tools. This disproportionately affects nurses and medical staff, as statistics reveal they spend as much time on documentation and administration as they do on patient care.

Building the necessary framework with integration and cloud identity management.

To further advance the vision of a digital hospital, it doesn't make sense to implement more applications as isolated systems. Instead, the goal should be to establish the necessary foundation for integrating these applications and making access and usage as user-centric as possible, utilising a Cloud Identity Management System.

In March 2021, we participated in a specialist conference on healthcare digitizationExternal Link, alongside other Google Cloud partners. As a long-standing Google Cloud Premier Partner, our presentation delved into integration and Cloud Identity Management in detail, demonstrating how hospitals can create an excellent foundation for digitization with Google Cloud. You can access the recording of our presentationExternal Link for free at any time.

In our presentation, you'll discover:

  • The importance of integrating your applications in your digital journey. 
  • The significant role of identity management in the digital hospital. 
  • How Google Cloud products can be a game-changer.. 

Watch the presentationExternal Link

If you have any questions about digitization, digital collaborationExternal Link, the integration of applications or central cloud identity management, our experts are always available to help.

If you have any questions about topics related to digitization, digital collaborationExternal Link, application integration, or centralised cloud identity management, feel free to reach out to our experts at any time.

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