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Use Chromebooks for exams


Chromebooks offer numerous setting options for digital teaching. The so-called kiosk mode is ideal for conducting exams - both for schools and universities. For this reason, some universities have even equipped entire lecture halls with Chromebooks. But how does it all work?

The Kiosk Mode

In Kiosk Mode, students only have limited access to the browser. This means that the Chromebooks can be set so that you cannot access the Internet or external storage devices during the exam. The ability to print or create screenshots is also suppressed.


In order to be able to set kiosk mode, the devices must be linked to a management license (Chrome Education Upgrade). They can be configured centrally online via the Google Admin console and switched to different modes with just a few clicks - including kiosk mode.

Setup before the test

Before a class test or exam, you can set the Chrome OS devices accordingly within a very short time. Thanks to integrated virus protection and automated updates, they are always ready for use. The lightning-fast start-up in just a few seconds also ensures that the examinees can start immediately and concentrate fully on the actual tasks.

Exam situation

If the Chrome OS devices are in kiosk mode, students only see a specified web application (e.g. from the Chrome WebstoreExternal Link) or a specific URL when the device is started. So you can't do research on the side or get in touch with others. For example, it is popular to store the learning management system (Moodle, iserv, etc.) used at the educational institution. Examinees can then only call up the content that was posted there. However, queries using forms such as Google Forms or the use of an app such as GeoGebra are also possible.

After the exam

When the exam is over, you can quickly restore Chromebooks to their original state and exit kiosk mode. If you use this in the so-called managed guest session, neither a Google account is necessary nor is local data stored. That is, in the managed guest session, the device will be fully reset after shutdown.

More benefits of Chromebooks for exams

Chromebooks are not only easy to manage, but are also characterized by a long-lasting battery. So you can use the devices even for longer tests without hesitation. In addition, they are cheap to buy.

Try Chromebooks free for 6 weeks

With our trial program, educational institutions have the opportunity to try Chrome OS devices at no cost. As an experienced Google for Education partner, we are happy to assist you in setting up and showing you how to activate kiosk mode or the managed guest session.

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