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User-Friendly Social Media for an E-Commerce Startup


How Pumpkin Organics is using Google Cloud, Firebase, and Google Data Studio to optimise its marketing and sales efforts.

We helped e-commerce startup Pumpkin Organics create a clear social media dashboard. This provides real-time data and is powered by Google Cloud, Firebase and Google Data Studio. Read the full story here.

About Pumpkin Organics

Based on the latest research and nutritional recommendations, Pumpkin OrganicsExternal Link has developed innovative organic products that provide a positive and natural taste experience for babies and children, laying the foundation for lifelong healthy eating habits.

What makes Pumpkin Organics different? The products are made from organic ingredients, are rich in vegetables, contain significantly less fruit sugar (fructose) than conventional alternatives, and are truly delicious. Pumpkin Organics offers a variety of taste experiences for little ones from six months to toddler age, both at home and on the go.

Certified organic product
The Challenge

In order to actually gain insights from a multitude of data and optimise marketing actions based on them, cross-platform analysis is required. The individual social media platforms do offer evaluation options, but only for their respective service. In addition, in different display formats with a focus on different KPIs. This complicates reporting and requires many manual steps of merging and uniform presentation.

Therefore, data first had to be extracted from their sources and merged into a data warehouse (DWH). However, this presented Pumpkin Organic with another hurdle: Providing a high-performance DWH that would allow analysts to do extensive reporting and connect additional data sources without sacrificing performance.

There are various so-called ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) providers on the market, which provide connectors for various platforms. But these only allow access to raw data and feed it into a database. Our aim was to develop a user-friendly solution generating new information itself in the sense of self-service, so that employees can profitably contribute their individual skills.

The Solution

In response to the mentioned challenges, Pumpkin Organics relies on a solution that leverages the services of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Google's Firebase development framework. The implementation was carried out in collaboration with the experts. The solution is structured as follows:

All data is centrally stored in BigQuery, GCP's Cloud Data Warehouse, where it can be analysed. BigQuery has access to a vast pool of computing resources, enabling complex analyses involving millions of data rows to be completed within seconds. Moreover, BigQuery ensures significant data security by automatically replicating data across multiple GCP regions. All data is encrypted and stored in compliance with the highest security standards and privacy regulations.

Results and Benefits

By leveraging Cloud Functions in Firebase, Pumpkin Organics can avoid the need for expensive ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tools. The tool developed by our team enables easy data loading into BigQuery. Unlike common alternatives, this tool allows data transformation even before the actual import process. This enables specific metrics to be calculated beforehand and provided in an aggregated form within BigQuery. The tool only requires the respective API endpoint of the platform and optionally a table schema if the returned API schema does not align with specific needs.

Each KPI has its own deployable Cloud Function, providing independent monitoring and execution. This flexibility facilitates treating different data from the same marketing or sales channel in a distinct manner. Furthermore, expanding to additional channels and platforms is straightforward. When a new data source is added, a new Cloud Function is deployed, with existing import functions remaining untouched.

The data stored in BigQuery can then be further aggregated, analysed, and visualised using DataStudio. Additionally, reports and dashboards for visualising different KPIs can be created and shared.

With our help, Pumpkin Organics built a single-vendor solution for business intelligence that helps update reports and dashboards in near real-time. By integrating data from all relevant platforms into the cloud-based DWH, the food provider can make data-driven decisions and better align marketing and sales efforts.

The flexible extensibility of the ETL tool is ideally suited for a startup, as the number of marketing and sales channels will surely increase. Finally, the user-friendly design of both Firebase and DataStudio allows less IT-savvy employees to gain knowledge from business data.

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