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VMware - AWS Migration: how to do it!

In my last blog post on the topic of Broadcom purchasing VMware, I presented alternatives. Today, let’s take it a step further and dive into the practical steps of how AWS can help you move from VMware to the cloud.

Imagine moving into a new house, but instead of packing boxes, we're talking data and applications - and we have a pretty good plan for it!

The Kick-Off: Start your cloud journey

Let's talk about numbers without getting too technical. A solid foundation for planning your migration is just as important as the foundation on which you want to build your new house, so let’s discuss the scope of the migration in order to model the expected costs on AWS.

Our approach at a glance

  • First step: We place a small, smart device in your VMware cluster. Don't worry, it's so subtle you'll hardly notice it.
  • Collection phase: This device is a real detective and takes two weeks to collect all the necessary information. The aim here is to create a precise picture of your workload.

Using the collected data, we will create a TCO analysis that is not only smart, but also easy to understand. In the TCO analysis, we will consider not only the costs but also the possible migration paths as follows:

Lift-And-Shift is just one of 6 R's

What kind of Rs are we talking about? In a migration phase we talk about the “6 R’s”, and “lift-and-shift” or “Re-Hosting” is just one of them:

  1. Re-Hosting (Lift-and-Shift): Moving your applications to the cloud quickly and easily, without changes.
  2. Replatforming: Making minimal optimizations to take advantage of cloud benefits without changing the core architecture of the application.
  3. Repurchase: Switching to a different product solution, often a SaaS product, that better fits the cloud capabilities.
  4. Re-factoring / re-architecture: A major overhaul of the application to make it cloud native, enabling better scalability and efficiency.
  5. Retirement: Identifying and disabling applications that are no longer needed to increase efficiency.
  6. Retirement: Leaving certain applications or workloads in the current environment until migration makes sense.

We even have a decision mind map for it, which we like to call internally “The Munich subway network”. Curious? Contact us to find out more about this non-binding and free analysis.

The AWS toolbox

AWS has some pretty cool tools to make your move as smooth as possible. Here's sneak peek:

AWS Database Migration Service (DMS): Plan and execute your database migrations automatically with minimal downtime.

AWS Application Migration Service: A highly automated solution for lifting and shifting (rehosting) applications.

AWS Migration Hub: Provides an overview of your migration to ensure nothing gets lost and dependencies are accounted for.

As an award-winning AWS partner, we always find the best way for you – following AWS best practices, of course.

Nutanix on AWS: A dream team

If you've already had your eye on Nutanix, here's some good news: Nutanix and AWS get along great together!

Here’s a quick teaser:

Advanced Disaster Recovery: Sleep soundly knowing your data is safe, and your applications are always available.

Easy management: One interface for all environments.

Hybrid cloud scenarios: Flexibility that drives your business forward.

We’d also love to show you the options available when using both technologies together.

What about the know-how?

A successful migration and efficient cloud use are not just about technology, but also about the knowledge and skills of your team. This is where we at PCG excel. If necessary, we roll out a comprehensive training program during the migration phase. Our goal? Ensure a seamless migration and that your team is ready to use the cloud from the start.

But wait: our support doesn’t end with the successful move to the cloud. If needed, PCG offers a managed service tailored to your needs, whether it’s a transparent monthly flat rate or flexible billing based on actual cloud usage.

Conclusion and your next step

Moving from VMware to AWS is more than just resolving licensing issues; it’s an opportunity to future-proof your IT infrastructure. And the best part? All we need is a little time and access to your infrastructure to show you a clear path, free from commitment.

Contact us: Let's talk about your current situation.

Schedule an appliance installation with our experts: Our first step towards a clear cost estimate – free of charge!

Discover your options: See the costs and benefits of the AWS Cloud and how PCG can support you.

Start your cloud journey with AWS and let us take your IT infrastructure into a new era together. We are ready when you are!

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