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WAFR as a starting point for infrastructure optimization

About serie a logistics solutions GmbH

serie a logistics solutions GmbH is a Cologne-based software company that specializes in connecting logistics, trading and industrial companies as well as the digital transformation of logistic business processes. Founded in 1998 under the name “Digitale Medien”, the exciting phase began in 2004 with the development of individual logistics software projects. The first significant customer was the Hermes Group, which was able to use the “Track and Trace” system to track trucks and detect incidents, traffic jams or failures. This expertise in individual development laid the foundation for new customer relationships, including the Nagel Group, FIEGE Logistik Stiftung & Co. KG and DB Schenker. For these, further logistical concepts were developed and today's core business in the area of ​​partner management was expanded.

The Challenge

The customer's goal was to maximize the degree of automation of its processes as much as possible. Given the high complexity of the tasks, it was essential for him to ensure close integration with his customers' business processes. This integrative approach made it possible to precisely address specific requirements and challenges and develop tailor-made solutions. By closely coordinating and adapting to its customers' existing processes, the customer was not only able to increase efficiency, but also significantly improve the quality and reliability of the services provided.

The Solution

After conducting a well-architected framework review, targeted improvements were implemented in four selected pillars of the framework. The insights gained from this provided the customer with valuable insights, which are now being used to comprehensively modernize the existing infrastructure. This modernization process involves migrating the entire customer base from the old structure to an optimized, future-proof platform. These strategic measures not only increase efficiency, but also significantly improve the performance and reliability of the services offered.

The Well-Architected Framework Review has helped Series A to significantly increase the level of automation through Infrastructure-as-Code, as well as scalability through EC2 Autoscaling Groups. In addition to efficiency gains, Series A has also raised the security bar through security services such as Security Hub and Guard Duty.

  • Improved cost control: By identifying inefficiencies and unused resources, the company can reduce its cloud spending.
  • Increased operational efficiency: Optimized workflows and automated processes lead to faster and more reliable order processing. This was achieved through cloud formation and other infrastructure-as-code technologies such as Amazon Cloud Development Kit.
  • Improved Scalability and Agility: The cloud infrastructure can be flexibly adapted to changing requirements, e.g. B. seasonal fluctuations or expansions. Above all, the implementation of Amazon EC2 Autoscaling Groups helps with demand-orientated scaling. The more sensible division of the required storage classes into S3 and EBS has also reduced costs.
  • Increased security and compliance: By reviewing security measures and adhering to industry standards, the customer can minimize the risk of data loss and security breaches. Activating important security services such as Amazon Security Hub and Amazon GuardDuty protects Series A from security incidents in the long term.
  • Improved disaster recovery: A well-planned disaster recovery plan ensures that companies are back up and running quickly in the event of an outage. The Elastic Disaster Recovery Service offered by Amazon was also considered for this purpose.
  • Better decision-making: Data-driven insights enable the company to make more informed decisions about its IT infrastructure and strategy.
Results and Benefits

“The collaboration with the PCG is always very collegial, on eye level. The charm of the review was that you could let yourself go completely and have a neutral pair of eyes as an inspector. Another important aspect was that PCG took into account our customer size and adapted both the review and the solution to us.”

-Feedback from our Customer

What are the advantages for the entire logistics industry?

  • Supply chain optimization: By integrating cloud-based systems, companies can improve the transparency and efficiency of their supply chain.
  • Improved tracking and tracing: Real-time data about the location and status of shipments enables better planning and customer communication.
  • Improved warehouse management: Cloud-based warehouse management systems enable more efficient use of warehouse space and a reduction in inventory.
About PCG

Public Cloud Group (PCG) supports companies in their digital transformation through the use of public cloud solutions.

With a product portfolio designed to accompany organisations of all sizes in their cloud journey and competence that is a synonym for highly qualified staff that clients and partners like to work with, PCG is positioned as a reliable and trustworthy partner for the hyperscalers, relevant and with repeatedly validated competence and credibility.

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