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Generative AI Boosts Collaboration in Companies

Generative AI (Gen AI) is a branch of Artificial Intelligence that focuses on creating new content from existing data. This can include text, images, audio files, or videos. Gen AI has the potential to revolutionise collaboration in companies in many ways.

A recent study by Forrester ResearchExternal Link shows that companies using generative AI can make their collaboration up to 30% more efficient. This is mainly because Gen AI can automate tasks that were previously performed by humans, such as writing reports, creating presentations, or researching information. This allows employees to focus on more value-adding tasks.

Furthermore, Gen AI can optimise workflows by gathering and analysing information from various sources. This enables employees to make faster decisions and achieve better results.

But how do companies benefit from Generative AI, exactly?

Below are some specific examples of how companies can use Gen AI to improve collaboration:

  • Automating tasks: Generative AI can automate tasks such as writing reports, creating presentations, or researching information. This allows employees to focus on more value-added tasks.
  • Optimising workflows: Generative AI can merge and analyse information from multiple sources. This allows employees to make decisions faster and achieve better results.
  • Creating new content: Generative AI can create new content such as text, images, audio files or videos. This can help companies improve their communication and reach new customers.

Forrester Research study highlights the added value of Generative AI

This added value is also reflected in the study by Forrester Research. There are some very exciting and impressive figures there:

  • Companies using Generative AI can make collaboration up to 30% more efficient.
  • Generative AI can accelerate new content creation by up to 50%.
  • Generative AI can improve the accuracy of decisions by up to 20%.

In summary, Generative AI shows itself to be a powerful technology that can help companies improve collaboration and increase efficiency. Companies that use Generative AI can gain a competitive advantage and achieve their goals faster.

Generative AI in Google Workspace

Duet AI for Google Workspace seamlessly incorporates Gen AI into the widely used collaboration platform, Google Workspace. This integration brings a host of benefits to enhance your workflows and enable smarter decision-making. Discover these innovative features and functionality, and unlock a new level of collaboration and efficiency.

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