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Why German Sports Academy Chooses Google for Education


To provide students with an uncomplicated way of linking online learning and in-person classes, the German Vocational Academy for Sports and Health (dba) Baunatal utilises Google Workspace for Education as a Blended Learning platform. The online-based applications, including Google Classroom, serve communication, organisation, and document creation purposes. As a Google for Education partner, PCG assisted in the setup during implementation. Services included not only consultation but also training sessions and add-on development. Additionally, we remain available as a direct point of contact.

About dba university

dba Baunatal External Linkin the German state of Hesse is the first vocational academy in Germany to offer the opportunity to study for a degree in sports science as part of the dual education system, with a strong focus on combining theory and practice. 200+ students are being trained in the areas of exercise, nutrition and prevention in order to help others achieve better health.

Educational programmes
The Challenge

The mix of different apps and systems such as Dropbox, Zoom, Moodle, and Trainex made daily collaboration cumbersome. Limited storage in Moodle complicated the distribution and collection of instructional videos, requiring the exchange of numerous versions and large files via wetransfer links. Even appointment coordination was complex. Dr. Melina Schnitzius, lecturer and project manager at dba, explains, "We wanted a seamless solution that could ideally cover all our teaching needs. Unlike a large university, we don't have our own IT department. My colleagues and I handle that alongside our teaching commitments." Eventually, the decision was made to implement Google Workspace for Education. However, additional features for grade management and timetable creation were also sought to be integrated.

The Solution

Gradually, each year group is transitioning to Google applications. At the start of each semester, an orientation event is held where students are guided in setting up their accounts on their personal devices. The use of Gmail and Chat for messaging, Google Meet for video conferences, Google Calendar for schedules and exam dates, or collaborating on presentations and spreadsheets has become second nature for most. Additionally, the dba uses Google Classroom as a central platform for delivering course materials for individual modules. To ensure all lecturers were onboard, the vocational academy enlisted us to conduct several training sessions. Furthermore, we developed a customised add-on that allows students to generate a personal grade overview with just a few clicks and simplified organisation by enabling entire cohorts to be added to a calendar appointment.

Results and Benefits

Seamless operation within Google Workspace for Education has significantly enhanced both internal communication and communication with students, external parties, and industry partners. Furthermore, Google Classroom has established a modern blended learning platform. Dr. Melina Schnitzius expresses contentment: "Of course, a project of this scale is never entirely smooth, but even those initially sceptical now recognize the benefits, and there are fewer and fewer questions." Additionally, the management of the tools is straightforward. And in case of any issues or questions about settings? "We have a direct point of contact that we can reach out to. The interaction is friendly, prompt, and transparent, and we have never felt pressured into anything."

“I think it's awesome how easy it is to upload and rate videos in Classroom - and basically with unlimited storage space. This way we can easily give individual and lasting feedback.”

Dr. Melina Schnitzius – Lecturer and responsible for the dba project

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