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With FSx Netapp for ONTAP to the Oracle database on AWS

About Messer Business and IT Consulting GmbH (MBIC)

Messer Business and IT Consulting GmbH (MBIC) is the internal IT service provider for many companies in the Messer Group. In this role, MBIC operates a variety of enterprise applications that are made available to users.

The Challenge

The existing Oracle database infrastructure is becoming outdated due to the increasing demands and usage of the databases. Our goal was to migrate the databases and associated applications to the AWS Cloud while meeting high standards of performance, reliability and security. Due to specific versions and requirements of the applications, the use of RDS for Oracle databases was not possible.

At a glance

  • Short time frame for migrating productive systems
  • High performance for existing queries and application-DB interactions
  • High availability of the database
  • Database version like on-prem
The Solution

After a thorough review of the goals, the decision was made to use an EC2-based solution for scalable computing power. When combined with the FSx NetApp for ONTAP storage service, the developed solution provides fully managed, enterprise-grade storage. This storage is able to respond securely, quickly and flexibly to user requirements.

Advantages of the solution

  • Automatic storage optimization for low running costs (25% less than conventional storage solutions)
  • 30% faster migration through FSx NetApp for ONTAP
  • Lower operating costs
  • Enterprise-grade solution for secure, high-performance, flexible and resilient database storage
Results and Benefits

FSx NetApp for ONTAP integration reduced required migration time by 30%, achieving recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) during operations at a lower cost. Data resiliency is ensured through automatic backups, Multi-AZ and cross-region replications. Additionally, automated data tiering and deduplication reduces ongoing costs compared to traditional storage solutions.

“The Public Cloud Group helped us to map our Oracle databases in an efficient, modern way in the AWS Cloud. Due to the stability of the solution and the low operating costs, we can concentrate on optimizing the database instead of dealing with infrastructural issues."

-Feedback from our Customer

About PCG

Public Cloud Group (PCG) supports companies in their digital transformation through the use of public cloud solutions.

With a product portfolio designed to accompany organisations of all sizes in their cloud journey and competence that is a synonym for highly qualified staff that clients and partners like to work with, PCG is positioned as a reliable and trustworthy partner for the hyperscalers, relevant and with repeatedly validated competence and credibility.

We have the highest partnership status with the three relevant hyperscalers: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google, and Microsoft. As experienced providers, we advise our customers independently with cloud implementation, application development, and managed services.

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