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Workspace Transformation: The Value of Change Management

The importance of change management in digital transformation with Google Workspace is often underestimated. Thanks to Google's communication and productivity applications, companies can improve employee collaboration and accelerate processes. Read our blog post to find out why change management helps to make even better use of this potential.

Change is necessary for corporate success

Constant further development and the choice of communication and productivity applications are of great importance, and not just since the Corona crisis. Efficient digital collaboration is important to stay ahead of competitors or even to lead the way. The introduction of Google Workspace and working in the cloud brings many advantages and can make a decisive contribution to the company's success. In doing so, you should consider not only the technical but also the human side of the transformation to enable a smooth transition.

Change must be managed

However, every introduction of new applications means change at the same time - and change is initially viewed with scepticism by many people. Why? They bring uncertainty and require a change of habits. This can lead to employees resisting and, in doubt, even jeopardising the success of the project if you don't plan and communicate the change properly. For example, when introducing Google Workspace, employees will ask themselves:

  • Why are we introducing something new?
  • What will happen to my data and emails?
  • What if I don't get along with the new tools?

To reduce resistance, companies must answer these questions transparently and take fears seriously. Make sure that the change is perceived as an opportunity to improve things. Only when employees are open to new things can the full potential of Google Workspace unfold. In addition to acceptance, the change in the way of working also plays a role here.

The introduction of Google Workspace is more than just using new tools

Employees need to possess the technical skills to use the new programs while also being open to shifting how they collaborate, which requires a change in mindset. This entails moving away from siloed thinking and embracing increased collaboration. In this context, Airbus CIO Luc Hennekens' rationale for the aircraft manufacturer's transition to Google Workspace, with over 130,000 employees, becomes clear:

"It is much easier to achieve this with a tool that, right from its inception, fundamentally departs from previous ways of working and concepts, rather than using a tool that represents a step forward but is still quite similar to what we've been using in the past."

To foster a cultural shift, it's crucial to break free from old routines. Managing the transition to Google Workspace effectively involves integrating Change Management principles.

Advantages of Change Management

Change management is the planned management of change processes and includes all aspects of implementation. This includes a communication and training plan that defines which stakeholders are involved in which phase of the change. Effective change management in Google Workspace implementation means:

  • Faster adoption of Google Workspace applications
  • Coexistence of different applications is reduced
  • Higher user satisfaction
  • Increased productivity
  • Lower IT support costs

And in total:

A significantly higher ROI.

These advantages apply to small companies as well as large corporations, but become all the more effective with a higher number of employees.

A good example of successful change management and the successful introduction of Google Workspace comes from the retail sector.

Google Workspace Best Practices with Flaconi

FlaconiExternal Link is one of the leading online shops for beauty products in Germany. The portfolio includes over 850 global brands and 55,000 products in the categories of perfume, skincare, makeup, haircare, natural cosmetics, and accessories. Thanks to Change Management, the online shop successfully transitioned to Google Workspace within a few weeks, and the shift to remote work during the pandemic went smoothly. To ensure a seamless introduction of Google Workspace, Early Adopters or 'Google Guides' were selected, who could later assist their colleagues.


The significance of Change Management is frequently overlooked. However, it's clear that, from a business perspective, the most substantial challenge isn't typically the technical transition but instead the shift in mindset, especially regarding working methods. This is essential for streamlining processes and unlocking their full potential. Change Management addresses this precisely and thus delivers tangible benefits for businesses.

Do you need support with the implementation of Google Workspace? Benefit from our many years of experience and contact us!

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