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Sustainability X PCG

1. Committed to Generating Value

With the founding of PCG in 2021, we decided to establish sustainability as a central pillar of our culture and corporate DNA. For a more comprehensive approach to sustainability, we focus on strategy, processes & governance, environment, and society & social issues.

In doing so, we want to continuously develop and understand sustainability as a task as well as a challenge. While we are not perfect yet in many areas, we are taking one step at a time. Our objective is to align PCG with sustainability. Our mission is to generate added value, not only for our colleagues but also for our clients, partners, fellow humans, and the environment.

Sustainability X PCG gives you an overview of our current sustainability reports and carbon footprints as well as general measures that we are implementing within PCG to generate further added value.

2. Strategy & Structure

Sustainability X PCG is our opportunity to establish and expand a sustainable alignment of PCG in relevant areas. We focus on strategy, processes & governance, environment and society & social issues.

Our efforts are directed at our colleagues as well as customers, partners, fellow human beings and the environment.

We set out to add value, continuously work on it and improve day by day.


For sustainability to become deeply rooted, strategies and allocation of responsibilities are needed. Strategy is the cornerstone on which all activities, initiatives and measures are built.

Processes & Governance

Our daily work is based on a variety of processes and guidelines. The integration of sustainability into existing processes and guidelines, or the development of new ones, is of central importance for the long-term development of PCG.


Determining, analysing and reducing our CO₂ footprint is the main focus here. To this end, we conduct annual climate assessments and integrate these values into our sustainability report, deriving measures and initiatives that enable all colleagues to make a contribution.

Society & Social Issues

We have a responsibility to offer our colleagues a workplace where they can develop and grow, our customers solutions with real added value, and our partners a business relationship at eye level.

This is also reflected in our values and is documented in our annual sustainability report.

3. Sustainability Report X PCG

In our latest Sustainability Report of 2021, you will learn how we have built a sustainable focus for PCG in our first fiscal year on the four pillars of Strategy, Processes & Governance, Environment and Society & Social.

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Sustainability X PCG History

  • PCG Foundation and Integration of Sustainability into PCG's DNA
    July 2021
  • Partnership Completion with Sustainability Expert VERSO
    September 2021
  • Introduction of Learning Lunches as an Internal Digital Learning Tool
    May 2021
  • Establishment of Tech-Group for Innovative Technological Advancement and Education of PCG Experts
    September 2022
  • Introduction of International PCG Corporate Values
    November 2022
  • Publication of International PCG Vision and Mission
    December 2022
  • Pre-release of First Sustainability Report & Carbon Footprint for 2021
    January 2023
  • Introduction of the International Code of Conduct
    February 2023
  • PCG Guest Appearance on the Sustainability Podcast "Gewinne Zukunft" (Win Future)
    May 2023

4. Corporate Climate Footprint X PCG

In our current carbon footprint for 2021, we determine the company-wide CO2 footprint and the decisive factors for reducing emissions in the medium and long term. The values of the carbon footprint are also included in the sustainability report for the same year.

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5. Contact

Alina Schneider

Head of Sustainability