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5 Good Reasons for Cloud Security With Google Chronicle

Cloud security is an integral part of many companies, as they increasingly store their business-critical data and applications in the public cloud. Therefore, it is more important than ever that this data is protected from threats and attacks to ensure business continuity, data protection and compliance requirements. A loss of data or a successful attack can result in serious financial and reputational damage. It is all the more important that companies implement a comprehensive and effective cloud security strategy in order to protect their data and applications in the best possible way.

Google Chronicle

With Google Chronicle, companies have a powerful option to protect their cloud infrastructure from threats. By using cloud data and machine learning algorithms, Chronicle provides a cloud-native approach to threat detection, investigation, response, and remediation.

In this blog post, we give you 5 good reasons why you should consider Google Chronicle for your cloud security:

  1. Speed and scalability
    Google Chronicle leverages the speed and scalability of the Google Cloud to find, track, and resolve potential traces of attacks faster. Aggregating all security-related data on a timeline provides a detailed view of the security posture.
  2. Fast and comprehensive security analysis
    Chronicle gives SOCs (Security Operations Center) the power to tackle even the toughest security challenges. The platform provides Threat Detection and Response, Threat Hunting and Security Visualisations to detect and respond to modern threats, quickly evaluate alerts and understand attack intelligence, and create intuitive visual workflows.
  3. Easy connectivity
    Chronicle makes it easy to quickly and securely upload existing security telemetry. Data can be passed to the Chronicle platform from any syslog source, existing log aggregator, SIEM, or via packet capture.
  4. Processing large amounts of data
    As the data available in the enterprise grows, so do the requirements for managing a security analytics solution. Chronicle eliminates this challenge as it is designed to handle massive amounts of data. Scaling to 100+ petabytes is not a problem as the platform is built on an unparalleled data infrastructure.
  5. Ability to integrate with existing security solutions
    Chronicle integrates well with existing security solutions, allowing organisations to optimise their existing security infrastructure. Integration with SIEM and other security tools makes it easier for organisations to implement a comprehensive security strategy.
How Google Chronicle is working

How is your Google Cloud Security?

Our Google Cloud Platform experts put your security through its paces. With our Cloud Security Maturity Assessment, you not only benefit from valuable feedback, but at the same time take away best practices and helpful tips for you and your employees to ensure the security of your Google Cloud Platform in the long term.

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