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5 Reasons to Use Google Workspace in Industry

Modern industrial companies are constantly looking for new tools and technologies to improve supply and production chains. Products should be innovative and of high quality and at the same time be produced inexpensively. As a cloud-based productivity solution, Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) contributes in various ways to achieving these goals, as can be seen using the example of Viessmann (to the success storyExternal Link). Here are 5 reasons for using Google Workspace in industrial companies.


1. Faster time to market and more innovative products

As you work towards creating a new product, there are often numerous rounds of feedback and adjustments, starting from the initial prototype and culminating in the final version. Collaboration between departments like design, development, quality management, and others is crucial in this process. The better the coordination among these teams, the quicker the production and development cycles become. Google Workspace Team Calendar simplifies scheduling, while Google Meet ensures secure video conferences. Moreover, using Google Docs and Slides, employees can collaborate in real-time on documents. This not only speeds up the feedback process but also sparks new ideas and visions.

2. More efficient collaboration with suppliers and factory locations

Efficient supply chains and collaboration with suppliers play a crucial role in cost-effective production. Similarly, effective networking across different locations offers various advantages for industrial companies. Shared documents using Google Docs, Slides, or Sheets, real-time collaborative work on a single file, and shared storage on Drive facilitate fast and seamless communication among different parties, regardless of their location. For instance, issues in the production process at one facility can be communicated more quickly, and new work instructions can be documented.

3. Leaner business processes

Google Workspace enables the digitization and acceleration of processes in nearly all areas. Google Forms can be used for various purposes, including product recalls, vacation requests, customer feedback, or purchase inquiries. The information is automatically gathered in Google Sheets, where it can be centrally managed and analyzed. Creating these forms and surveys is incredibly straightforward, making it intuitive for every employee to use.

4. Easily hire, onboard and train employees

Given the often high employee turnover in manufacturing plants, and the use of temporary staff like students, having an efficient hiring and onboarding process is crucial. With Google Forms, job applications can be neatly organized, and interviews can be conducted easily via video chat using Google Meet. Onboarding and further training can also be done remotely, saving time and travel expenses. Additionally, having work instructions and assembly guides on a central Google Sites webpage keeps employees up to date with the latest news and information.

5. More flexible work in the field or in the factory

Since Google Workspace was designed for the cloud, it's also ideal for effective mobile work. Regardless of the device – be it a laptop, smartphone, or tablet – and regardless of the location – whether in a production hall or on a business trip – employees always have access to up-to-date data. This is especially beneficial for sales representatives who spend a significant portion of their time in the field, as they can benefit from constant access to current price databases, quotes, promotional materials, or product models. However, even employees in the factory have the advantage of accessing information through Google Drive or sites that are always up to date. This includes product specifications, CAD files, quality control checklists, and reports, all readily available.



These five reasons highlight how Google Workspace contributes to the success of companies in the industrial sector. Its versatility makes it beneficial for companies of all sizes and products within the industry. As mentioned earlier, Viessmann is one of many successful examples. The world's largest manufacturer of energy systems successfully implemented Google Workspace for over 12,000 employees, strengthening collaboration across locations worldwide. Alexander Pöllmann, Head of Intranet and Collaboration Services at Viessmann, is enthusiastic:

“The Google Workspace infrastructure takes care of itself, and it has also made each of us more independent. We can work together from home, an airport, across borders and time zones on any device.”

Viessmann: Promoting global collaboration to build tomorrow’s sustainable energy solutionsExternal Link

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