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7 Reasons Google Workspace & Chrome OS are a Perfect Match

If you want to be productive in everyday digital work, you basically need two things: easy-to-use software and secure hardware. Google offers exactly that with the Google Workspace applications and the ChromeOS operating system.

  • Google Workspace serves as a workspace with tools for video conferencing, email, storage, text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more.
  • Chrome devices are robust and easy-to-manage endpoints like laptops or tablets built on ChromeOS.

The special thing about this combination is that both components were developed specifically for working in the cloud, and thus bring many advantages when paired.

Here are 7 reasons why Google Workspace users should use Chrome devices - and vice versa:

1. Less downtime for users

With ChromeOS and Google Workspace, updates are automatic and “invisible” to employees, reducing downtime. Both ChromeOS and Google Workspace are always up to date thanks to the cloud. This means that employees no longer have to restart updates manually and then wait for them to be installed, which gives them more time for the actual work.

In addition, location issues belong to the past: If a device is lost or damaged, users can simply sign in to another ChromeOS device and instantly access all their files and information, with minimal downtime.

2. Increased security

Using the cloud offers many security benefits to enterprises. Automatic updates from ChromeOS and Google Workspace help reduce the risk of outdated endpoints. This ensures that you always use the latest security patches and comply with security standards.

Another benefit is that since all work can be done directly in the browser, virus protection is already built-in. Moreover, Google Workspace and Gmail include additional features that further protect users from security threats. This significantly reduces risks, such as that of falling victim to phishing attacks when the user opens infected emails.

3. Helpdesk savings in IT support

The reduced downtime and increased security with Chrome devices and Google Workspace brings an additional benefit: fewer user issues lead to less need for support. The cloud also makes it possible to quickly identify and fix issues without having to physically pick up devices. This saves helpdesk resources and allows IT staff to focus on more important tasks.

4. Older technologies often become obsolete

By adopting ChromeOS with Google Workspace, organisations can often avoid further licensing and management costs. ChromeOS eliminates the need to manually update the operating system. Furthermore, Google Workspace offers a variety of ways to automate processes with networked applications. For example, Google Forms and Spreadsheets can be used to manage ordering processes, event registrations or sick leave notifications. This eliminates the need to purchase expensive additional software.

5. Increased user productivity

ChromeOS with Google Workspace offers numerous features that enable employees to make the best use of their time and work productively. With support for machine learning and AI, many work steps are made easier (e.g. Quick Reply in Gmail) and repetitive tasks can often be automated entirely. Working in the cloud also allows collaborative editing of a document in real time, which significantly reduces the time from first draft to completion.

6. Greater mobility and flexibility

Another reason why using both Google solutions is worthwhile, is the location and device-independent work. This not only saves significant costs but also enhances flexibility and employee satisfaction.

The cloud-based applications of Google Workspace enable secure remote work or work from home even without a VPN. Furthermore, whether it's a laptop, tablet, or smartphone – by logging into your own Google account, you find yourself in your own protected work environment. The lightweight Chrome devices have a long battery life and are ideal for working on the go.

Additional mobility benefits arise from the use of the video conferencing tool Google Meet. Often, in-person meetings are not strictly necessary. Thanks to features like Breakout Rooms or surveys, virtual meetings with Google Meet are often even more interactive and effective.

7. Expansion of service options and improvement of customer satisfaction

There are numerous scenarios where customers can use the combination of Google Workspace and ChromeOS to improve business service performance. Shared devices, kiosk mode and digital signage offer various possibilities, especially in retail. This ranges from digital signage at the point of sale to setting up self-service stations and sales support. Better advice, in turn, leads to higher customer satisfaction and thus helps increase sales.

Conclusion: Google Workspace and ChromeOS complement each other perfectly

In the course of the digital transformation, more and more companies are relying on applications from the cloud in their day-to-day work. As described, this not only brings many advantages in daily collaboration, it also changes the requirements but also the possibilities in terms of hardware.

Although Google Workspace and ChromeOS devices can be used independently of each other, it has been shown that the combination of the two Google solutions is ideal. Both were designed specifically for working in the cloud, solving challenges of the modern workplace and making decisive contributions to the success of a company.

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