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Artificial intelligence in Google Classroom

How you can use AI to personalize learning and promote self-directed learning

The future of learning is here! With the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in Google Classroom, personalized learning is becoming a reality. AI-powered exercise packs allow teachers to customize their lessons and provide students with the support they need.

Find out in this blog post:

  • The benefits of AI-powered practice packs for students and teachers
  • How AI creates personalized activity packs in Google Classroom
  • How you can use exercise packs in your lessons

Personalized learning through AI

AI algorithms analyze students' individual strengths and weaknesses and use this information to create personalized exercise packs. These packages contain tasks that are tailored to the respective level of knowledge and learning needs. In this way, each student receives the optimal challenge to achieve progress and strengthen their own self-confidence.

Regardless of the tasks, feedback is also essential for successful learning. Feedback helps us to recognize mistakes and understand what we are doing well and where we can improve. It can motivate us to keep going and help us achieve learning goals.

Advantages of AI-supported exercise packs in Google Classroom

  • Individualized learning: Each student receives the tasks they require most to work on learning deficits and develop strengths.
  • Promotion of independence: By working through the exercise packs at their own pace and in their own way, students learn independently and develop important skills for self-directed learning.
  • Effective feedback: AI can assess students' performance in real time and provide immediate feedback. This allows them to track their learning progress and adjust their learning strategy if necessary.
  • Time savings for teachers: By automating the creation of exercise packs, teachers save valuable time that they can better use for individual support of their students and the design of creative lessons.

Using exercise packs in Google Classroom

Integrating exercise packs into Google Classroom is simple and intuitive. Teachers can create packs manually or use the automatic creation by AI. The packages can then be assigned to students in Google Classroom.

Simply create an assignment in a course under Google Classroom and select “Exercise packs”.


AI functions in practice

  • Automatically collect knowledge level data and give teachers valuable insights into the learning success of the entire class and individual students.
  • Convert existing resources into tasks
  • Use the option to operate with trackpad or with your finger is no problem. An incorrect result is immediately marked as incorrect.

What license do you need to use the AI functions in Google Classroom?

You need one of the following Google Workspace for Education license models:

  • Google Workspace Education Plus
  • Google Workspace Teaching and Learning Upgrade


AI-powered activity packs in Google Classroom are an innovative tool that takes personalized learning to the next level. With these packages, teachers can make their lessons more effective, improve their students' learning outcomes and reduce their own workload at the same time.

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The Public Cloud Group (PCG) supports schools and educational institutions of all kinds in implementing AI solutions in Google Classroom. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you transform learning in your institution!

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