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Centrally managed school devices: Endpoint Education Upgrade

How to efficiently manage Android and iOS devices at your educational institution

In an increasingly digitalized world of educational institutions, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have become indispensable tools in everyday teaching. But as an educational institution, how do you keep control of this multitude of devices to ensure both the necessary security and efficient management? The answer is: Endpoint Education Upgrade.


What is the Endpoint Education Upgrade?

The Endpoint Education Upgrade enables centralized management of Android or iOS devices via the Google Admin Console. This advanced solution from Google allows educational institutions to maintain control over their devices and set specific rules for their use.

What are the benefits of the upgrade?

  • App control: Determine which apps can be installed on Android and iOS devices.
  • Access control: Define who can log in to school-owned devices.
  • Automated tasks: Use rules to automate device management tasks and receive security alerts.
  • Device location and security: Locate lost or stolen devices and remotely wipe data if needed.
  • Strong password requirements: Enforce the use of strong device passwords.
  • Android work profiles: Use special work profiles for Android devices.
  • School-owned device management: Maintain control over your devices or Google accounts on personal devices as an educational institution.

Choose between an account-based or device-based license

Add Endpoint Education Upgrade to your Google Workspace for Education account at any time. You have the following options:

User license

For schools that need flexible endpoint management coverage for personal or school-owned devices. (Each user with an Endpoint Education Upgrade license can use up to 15 of their own devices per license. Licenses are non-transferable and in the event of a request from Google, you must provide proof of compliance with this policy).

Device License

For shared, school-owned devices where multiple students log in daily.

How much does the Endpoint Education Upgrade cost?

The Endpoint Education Upgrade is available for €5 per user (user license) or €5 per device (device license). Please note that the Google Workspace for Education Standard or Education Plus licenses already include advanced device management features, including strong password requirements and Android work profiles.

How to get the Endpoint Education Upgrade

The Endpoint Education Upgrade can only be purchased via corresponding Google partners. As a long-standing Google for Education partner, the Public Cloud Group not only supports you with the provision of licenses, but also advises you on implementation.

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