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Appsheet - own app in just 2 weeks without programming knowledge


Based on the AppSheet no-code platform, Public Cloud Group (PCG) developed a customised application that simplifies its internal hardware ordering and management processes. The development of the app required only a few hours of training and support from PCG's experienced AppSheet experts and was created directly in the business department, despite a lack of programming experience there. Thanks to the order and asset management workflows automated with AppSheet, employees and IT managers now have more time for value-added activities.

The Challenge

After the merger of several companies, PCG needed a unified asset management tool to easily order and manage internal hardware for over 350 employees. Previously, various tables were in use in which data had to be entered and maintained manually. To minimise effort and standardise processes, Kai Willius, Head of Internal IT Services for Germany and Austria at PCG, was looking for a suitable solution. However, existing tools were expensive, overloaded or did not meet all requirements. Therefore, despite his lack of programming skills, he decided to develop his own application.

The Solution

Using Google's no-code platform AppSheet, Kai Willius managed to create his own app for order and asset management in about 60 hours. He received assistance from PCG AppSheet experts, who provided a half-day training workshop and about 8 hours of support. The app includes pre-configured but customisable hardware bundles that employees can assemble and order with a few clicks. It also allows asset pricing, taking into account new equipment and equipment in stock, as well as depreciation. Before ordering, technical compatibility and budget compliance are logically checked. If assets meet these criteria, the app automatically triggers the approval process and email notifications are sent. The app also includes workflows for delivery and hardware takeover when employees leave.

Results and Benefits

Probably the biggest advantage of the no-code approach with AppSheet was the ability to build the app directly in the business department. This not only saved specialist staff during development, but also a lot of time to incorporate change requests. Kai Willius: "The specialist department usually knows best what it needs, and AppSheet eliminates the need for translators." In addition, AppSheet is cost-effective compared to existing tools, or even usable at no additional cost for Google Workspace users like PCG.

The intuitive app reduced the need for process documents and greatly simplified ordering and managing hardware. This saves both employees and IT a lot of time. At the same time, the granular authorization structure allows flexible customization of hardware bundles while ensuring the necessary control.

"I'm not a developer and have never written code before. But I was able to learn AppSheet in a very short time. The learning phase was quick and easy and I'm really happy with the results."

Kai Willius - Lead Service Owner Internal IT DE/AT, Public Cloud Group

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