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In our interview series, we present exciting cloud jobs and the people behind them. Cedric has been employed as a Cloud Solutions Engineer in the area of Collaboration since the beginning of 2021 and answered 9 questions for us about himself and his day-to-day work:

1. What do you do in your job or what is your daily work routine like?

"I work within the realm of Google WorkspaceExternal Link, where my team handles all customer inquiries related to Google Workspace. Our primary goal is to ensure smooth operations and, as a result, customer satisfaction.

Our focus on one front lies in providing customer support. We have a support portal through which we address various customer tickets, often leading to direct interactions with our customers. Many issues can be resolved promptly due to our expertise, while some require initial testing on our end. To facilitate this, we maintain our own development environment, essentially a sandbox, where we can experiment with different scenarios. Here, we recreate problems and intentionally 'break' things, only to subsequently fix them. Throughout this process, we work closely with the customer, aiming to actively involve them in resolving the issue. This approach equips them with the knowledge to tackle similar problems independently in the future.

On another front, we engage in numerous customer projects, primarily involving migrations. This entails assisting customers in migrating their existing files and emails, often from platforms like Exchange, MS Office, Dropbox, and others, to Google Workspace. In these cases, we collaborate closely with our customers to plan and execute a change management process, ensuring a systematic approach to the transition and reintegration.”

2. What does the cloud mean to you?

"To me, cloud computing signifies constant and location-independent access to my data. Moreover, it offers the convenience of secure data storage without the need for complex maintenance or the management of multiple server rooms. In my view, the cloud brings numerous benefits and simplifications."

3. What has been your most exciting project?

"Nearly every project has its unique thrills because each task and client brings something different to the table. It's challenging to single out one specific project. I enjoy the opportunity to meet new people, understand diverse requirements, and tackle a wide range of issues each time. For instance, in one project, I developed a script to address document-sharing challenges during a Google Workspace to Workspace migration. It was a bit nerve-wracking, but eventually, it proved successful."

4. What do you find most rewarding about your job?

"The most satisfying aspect of my job is the ability to assist a diverse array of customers with their needs. When we receive positive feedback, it truly brightens my day. We often collaborate directly with the customer's technicians, and in smaller companies, it might even involve management or the HR department. This means I work with people from various backgrounds, which is fascinating but also presents its share of challenges, as not everyone possesses the same level of expertise.

Each day begins with the knowledge that various projects await, some spanning the entire week, and new tasks arrive in our support inbox daily, making the work exceptionally diverse. Due to the inherent diversity of Google Workspace, no two projects are identical."

5. What are your biggest challenges?

"The biggest challenge for me is maintaining consistently effective and informative communication with clients. Additionally, it's crucial to always keep in mind all the potential edge cases that might arise for a particular project. In my role, maintaining good structure and self-organization is essential for smooth collaboration."

6. Why did you choose to work at Public Cloud Group?

"I joined PCG because I had a particular interest in cloud technology and did some research, which led me to this company and the topic of Google Cloud, which immediately intrigued me. Besides the subject matter, I appreciate the friendly atmosphere at PCG. You get to know everyone, and there's always open communication. The positive working environment stands out."

7. How did you become a Cloud Solutions Engineer?

"I attended an IT-oriented high school with a focus on Information Technology and completed my Abitur (German high school diploma). Instead of pursuing further studies, I opted to start working directly and pursued an apprenticeship as an IT Specialist for System Integration. During my apprenticeship, I worked in two different companies in their internal IT departments, handling tasks like managing Linux servers and internal IT matters such as Office 365. After the last company went insolvent, I came across PCG. I researched the cloud topic and then connected with a Public Cloud Group employee via Xing (a professional networking platform)."

8. What qualities should someone possess to become a Cloud Solutions Engineer in the Collaboration field?

"I believe that as a Cloud Solutions Engineer, having a confident demeanour with clients is crucial. Additionally, a technical aptitude and a willingness to explore, experiment, and solve complex problems are essential. Being a team player is also important, as we work closely together and always support each other. We have a strong sense of unity, and anyone who is motivated and enthusiastic about the subject is welcome to join us."

9. What do you like to do in your free time?

"I occasionally play video games, but I also enjoy spending time outdoors. Besides that, I hang out with friends, engage in fitness activities, and of course, I like working on various IT projects in my free time."

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