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AWS Partner – why have one?

What is an AWS Partner?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) primarily offers its virtual public cloud resources – such as storage, infrastructure, and computing power – through AWS Partners. These companies act as service providers and offer fundamental services like consulting, training, and implementation capabilities for migrations and other cloud projects. Of these service providers, the ones that follow an end-to-end approach also include managed services in their portfolio, which involves automating cloud operations with monitoring, issue resolution, and support services.

How do you differentiate AWS Partners?

The AWS Partner Network (APN) exists to differentiate the competencies, expertise and positioning of the various AWS partners in the market. All partners are listed here and differentiated according to the following partner status:

  1. AWS Select Consulting Partners
    AWS Consulting Partners are specialty, consulting, or managed services firms that help customers of all shapes and sizes accelerate their journey to the AWS Cloud. They have basic skills and expertise. In total, the team will have at least four AWS certifications.
  2. AWS Advanced Consulting Partner
    AWS Partners who have eight or more AWS Certifications within their team and also demonstrate various parameters for experience and customer references achieve AWS Advanced Consulting Partner status.
  3. AWS Premier Consulting Partner
    The highest AWS Partner award is the AWS Premier Consulting Partner status, which requires the company to have at least 20 AWS certifications within their team and six customer references.

In addition to the partner status, there are other "competencies" in which the AWS partners have to prove their knowledge and expertise in special additional areas. The AWS partner receives these competencies for, for example, migration, industrial software or DevOps after a review lasting several weeks, including an audit, by a neutral third party.

For detailed information and the terms and conditions of each partner status, visit the AWS website.External Link

Why do I need an AWS Partner?

In general, you can configure and deploy your required public cloud resources from Amazon Web Services (AWS) directly through the AWS Management ConsoleExternal Link, which involves payment for the resources you use. All you need for this is a credit card.

Working with an AWS partner makes sense if:

  • You have limited in-house resources, lack expertise in the AWS Cloud, and are unable to set up and manage it continuously
  • You are unsure which AWS resources and services are required in your company to implement cloud projects
  • You are unsure whether the path to the AWS public cloud is the right one for your IT infrastructure
  • You want a migration expert at your side who works with certified experts to implement your cloud strategy
  • You always want to have an experienced contact person for questions about the AWS Cloud

We have been an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner since 2018, offering you access to over 20 AWS experts with more than 18 AWS certifications. We provide services such as consultations, migrations, training, and managed services. You can explore excerpts from our customer projects in our references section.

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