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LobbySpace: Leveraging Chrome Devices for Digital Signage


With cloud-based marketing software and the use of Chrome OS devices, LobbySpaceExternal Link enables its customers to quickly and easily populate screens with CI-compliant content. The digital signage application was primarily developed for the Asus Chromebit, a high-performance mini PC that allows any screen to be easily upgraded. We support LobbySpace with the provision of the Chrome hardware as well as the associated Chrome management licences and offer support for all questions around the cloud.


About LobbySpace

Hamburg-based startup LobbySpaceExternal Link was founded in 2017, and with its innovative concept, was able to secure the support of the prestigious Hamburg Investment and Development Bank. Its customer base mainly includes hotels, hospitals and retailers who want to display current information or offers on their publicly accessible screens. Among these customers is INTERSPORT, the largest retail alliance in the global sporting goods industry.

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The Challenge

LobbySpace has made it their mission to offer their customers a true plug-and-play solution, transforming public space screens into brand-compliant communication surfaces within seconds. In this process, every store operator should be able to easily create and edit content to display offers, announcements, or news. Special design skills or external agencies are unnecessary. For Samuel Härtl, founder and CEO of LobbySpace, user-friendly operation and mobile software management are extremely important. Additionally, the hardware needs to be streamlined and cost-effective to make the setup as simple as possible.

He also had specific requirements for the provider: “We were seeking a partner who could supply us with Chrome devices and act swiftly and agilely. This is essential because we often require a larger quantity quickly. Personal contact was also vital to me. As a startup still in its infancy, having a point of contact is important to respond promptly to inquiries. That's why we collaborate with this company.”


The Solution

Previously, store owners had to climb up to the screen with a USB stick every time they wanted to update its content. The Asus Chromebit, on the other hand, harnesses the advantages of the cloud. The Chrome OS device is plugged into the HDMI port of the monitor once, and everything else can be conveniently controlled via the web-based LobbySpace software. The web app can be operated from anywhere using a smartphone, tablet, or desktop browser, enabling real-time responses to various updates. Content can be easily created, imported with just one click, and displayed on one or multiple screens. In kiosk mode, screens can also be used interactively, making each purchase an individual customer experience.


LobbySpace also provides an enterprise solution. This is perfect for franchise companies and integrates functions for campaign management, user rights and individual widgets. At INTERSPORT, for example, this is linked to the merchandise management system and can automatically create offers. You enter the relevant product and import it with just one click, so the retailer on site doesn't have to enter anything himself. Depending on requirements, the whole thing can be animated.

LobbySpace obtains the Chrome Management licences from us. With these, administrators can centrally manage and configure all associated Chrome OS devices. Samuel Härtl says, “This allows us to provide support and maintain the mini PCs. In general, customers aren't even aware of it. The customer receives the pre-configured Chromebit and doesn't have to worry about anything. We can install the software in advance and, if desired, preconfigure the Wi-Fi settings. It's truly plug and play.'

Results and Benefits

More and more companies are turning to the digital signage application from LobbySpace and Chrome devices to inform their customers quickly, easily and cost-effectively on site. In the meantime, the number of recorded screens is in the high three-digit range — and it continues to grow.

As an experienced Google Cloud Premier Partner, we support you in the introduction and efficient use of Chrome OS devices. We offer

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