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Cloud migration: Your first step into the cloud world

The term "cloud migration" might make many IT professionals cringe, as moving can be exhausting and nerve-wracking. However, when it comes to transitioning your company's IT to the cloud, you won't need a single wrench in your hand – you can comfortably lean back in your chair. Of course, this is assuming you embark on this journey with the right partner.

Driving Factors Behind Cloud Migration

Getting acquainted with the concept of "cloud migration" early on is crucial, as there's no escaping the cloud in the long run if you want your company to remain competitive. It's time to delve into the world of cloud computing! After all, the performance and flexibility of your enterprise IT are vital criteria for achieving business success.

The way to the cloud

But how do you take that initial step on the cloud journey? Before you set off on your cloud adventure, it's wise to partner with experienced professionals who can guide you through the process, addressing questions about security, data privacy, and more.

Our team boasts AWS Certification as a Premier Tier Consulting Partner, showcasing their competence and expertise. They're here to assist you with all your cloud-related inquiries, breaking down the journey into four distinct phases:

Phase 1: Migration Readiness Assessment

Are you ready for the cloud? In an initial conversation, we'll define your goals while considering your unique preferences and needs. Based on this, we'll develop the ideal cloud solution that's tailored to your company's requirements, only incorporating what's truly necessary. This phase includes a Total Cost of Ownership analysis to ensure the financial viability of your cloud migration.

Phase 2: Migration Readiness & Planning

Utilising AWS's Migration Evaluator, we make informed planning and migration decisions by providing and analysing business scenarios. This gives your company insights into various migration strategies, along with associated costs and insights.

Phase 3: Migration Project

Guided by the AWS Well-Architected Framework, our implementation and analysis strive for the safest and most efficient solution. This concept relies on five pillars forming the core of our cloud solution:

  • Operational Excellence: Developing and continuously improving an ideal cloud strategy tailored to your needs.
  • Security: Ensuring the utmost data security using top cloud security standards to protect against data loss, service outages, and unauthorised access.
  • Reliability: Assuring workloads perform as intended by monitoring capacity and automating scaling.
  • Performance Efficiency: Crafting the best cloud solution for your company, with over 62% more efficient management than on-premises infrastructure.
  • Cost Optimisation: Aiming for cost savings, with average savings of 31% compared to on-premises infrastructure through thorough TCO analysis.

Phase 4: Post Migration

The cloud journey doesn't conclude after migration; it's just the beginning. Reflection and regular assessment lead to sustainable improvements. After migration comes optimisation, and our Managed ServicesExternal Link can assist, allowing you to focus on your core business. We adhere to the AWS Well-Architected Framework pillars for maximum security, efficiency, reliability, and cost optimisation.

When Will You Make the Move?

Migrating to the cloud isn't a complex feat, but certain considerations maximise its potential. An experienced partner can help set up and advise you on cloud configuration, capacities, and security. Cloud flexibility allows a complete revamp, and it's time for a virtual makeover. So when will you make the move?

The detailed step-by-step instructions for a successful cloud migration can be found in our white paper:

  • Simple and understandable instructions: How to make your IT infrastructure "cloud-ready"
  • The ideal setup of your cloud - what do you have to pay attention to, what really matters?
  • Safely in the cloud - this is how you offer your data the highest level of protection
  • Secure competitive advantages: cost efficiency, security and flexibility

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