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Digital Transformation in the Social Sector: Using Microsoft Intune at KJSH

About KJSH

KJSHExternal Link is an association of non-profit organisations working in the youth welfare and social sectors. The organisations and their various work areas are characterised by high flexibility, allowing them to tailor their support to the individual needs of each person, providing only the assistance that is truly necessary in terms of type and scope.

The Challenge

In a world that is continually digitizing, the social sector also faces the challenge of keeping pace with technological advancements. The “KJSH Trägerverbund”, in collaboration with PCG, has implemented a forward-looking and sustainable IT solution that not only enhances efficiency but also provides employees with a modern and secure workspace. Discover how this transformation was achieved and the benefits it brings.

Decentralized IT Structures and Transition to Microsoft 365

The IT landscape of the KJSH network was characterized by its highly decentralized structure. Each individual facility was responsible for procuring, configuring, and maintaining its own devices. This led to a heterogeneous and difficult-to-manage variety of devices. The individual facilities worked with different hardware and software versions, which not only endangered IT security but also hindered the smooth exchange of data and information between facilities.

Opting for a cloud solution posed additional challenges. Many existing devices were outdated. Manual updating and configuring of devices in all facilities would have been a significant time and financial burden.

Additionally, there was a demand for a more sustainable IT strategy. The “KJSH Trägerverbund” aimed to move away from the disposable culture in the IT sector and instead focus on durable and environmentally friendly solutions.

The Solution

The solution to these challenges was found in the introduction of Intune, Microsoft's cloud-based endpoint management solution, which enables centralized management and configuration of devices. With Intune, a uniform and secure configuration of all devices in the decentralized structure could be ensured.

Automated Device Configuration with Intune

By using Intune, it became possible to automatically install profiles on all newly procured devices and initiate upgrade or replacement processes during future use in the facility. This significantly reduces manual effort while ensuring that all devices meet necessary security and performance requirements.

A key component of the solution was the introduction of a specialized webshop for IT hardware, set up in collaboration with a refurbished hardware dealer. In this webshop, facilities of the “KJSH Trägerverbund” can order sustainable and cost-effective IT devices that were pre-configured and optimized for use with Microsoft 365. The devices are automatically assigned to the customer's tenant and prepared for setup by the user through Microsoft Autopilot. This allows users to start using the devices with minimal effort.

The use of refurbished devices plays a crucial role in the strategy of the KJSH. By refurbishing and reusing used IT hardware, not only can a contribution to environmental protection be made, but also responsible use of nonprofit funds.

Overall, the solution enables modernization and standardization of the IT infrastructure of the “KJSH Trägerverbund” without neglecting the decentralized structure and the individual requirements of each facility. Employees benefit from modern and secure workspaces, and the network has taken a significant step towards digitization and sustainability.

Collaboration with PCG: Success through Partnership

The collaboration with PCG was characterized by openness and transparency. Together, a solution was developed that met both the technical requirements and the financial capabilities of the “KJSH Trägerverbund”. PCG played a crucial role in advising and implementing the new IT solution, with communication always conducted on equal terms and transparency regarding incurred costs.

The result is an IT infrastructure that is not only secure and efficient but also provides employees of the “KJSH Trägerverbund” with a modern and comfortable workspace.

Results and Benefits

The journey towards a digitized and sustainably oriented work environment is shaped by innovation and responsible action. With the introduction of Microsoft 365 and Intune, significant progress has already been made at the “KJSH Trägerverbund”, but the path of digital transformation is far from over. For IT Manager Oliver Humbel, it is crucial to react proactively and adaptively to upcoming challenges and technological innovations.

The lifespan and sustainability of devices are at the center of attention. It is known that even state-of-the-art devices may eventually reach their performance limits. In such cases, two options are available: if the device is still repairable, it is returned to the dealer, professionally repaired, and then made available for use again. During this time, employees have the opportunity to use a replacement device and continue their work seamlessly.

Looking to the Future

Additionally, plans are underway to provide collection points for discarded hardware at various locations. In these secure boxes, old hard drives and laptops can be disposed of, then recycled, disposed of, or refurbished in compliance with data protection regulations. This cycle helps reduce the ecological footprint and make a valuable contribution to environmental protection.

However, attention is also focused on the numerous future possibilities that Intune and other technologies offer. Especially in the area of security and management of mobile devices, we are only at the beginning of a promising development. The increasing desire for integration of Apple products into the IT infrastructure is facilitated by Intune. Thanks to this tool, we are flexible to proactively respond to new technologies and thus well-prepared for future challenges and opportunities.

"With the successful implementation of Intune in conjunction with Microsoft 365, we have taken a decisive step towards the digital future of the “KJSH Trägerverbund”. Our employees are already benefiting from more efficient workflows and improved collaboration. But we want more: a network that is not only digital but also sustainable and secure. We rely on continuous education, innovative technologies, and resource-efficient solutions to make a positive contribution to our community and the environment. The path of digital transformation is a process that we actively shape with enthusiasm and responsibility."

-Oliver Humbel, IT Manager, KJSH Trägerverbund

In a nutshell: Digitalization in the “KJSH Trägerverbund”

  • Company: KJSH Trägerverbund (KJSH)
  • Challenge: Decentralized IT procurement of devices, varying IT service levels
  • Solution: Integration of Microsoft 365 and Intune
  • Decision for Intune: Automatic device provisioning from the cloud
  • Standardized security settings: Every PC with Windows password and defined security rules
  • Challenge: Integration of refurbished devices for sustainability
  • Results and Benefits: Efficiency and sustainability
  • Quick device acquisition: Order to delivery in 3-4 days
  • Cost savings: Especially for facilities already working with refurbished devices
  • Reduced inventory needs: More efficient resource utilization in a industry characterized by shortage of skilled workers
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