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Hybrid Teams Rooms: meeting rooms of the future

Microsoft Teams has been working on a solution to make hybrid meetings more human and collaborative, bringing virtual and real participants together more effectively. What exactly will this look like? Find out in our blog post!

Hybrid meetings

Hybrid meetings can put companies to the test, as effectively and fairly accommodating both in-person and online participants is not always straightforward. Creating a productive and pleasant meeting environment where every participant is heard and engaged is the challenge of hybrid meetings.

Bringing the audience together on an equal footing and creating a working and meeting environment that allows everyone to actively participate is the goal of the hybrid team room. But how does it all work?

With the help of a specially designed solution, Azure Cognitive Services can translate reactions of in-room participants for online guests, such as approval or applause. This recognition also works the other way around through visual indicators; when an online participant reacts, these signals make their response visible to those attending physically.

Connect all participants

The automatic translation of online participants into avatars is also being considered. These avatars can react to everything that happens. If there is a word or hand message in the virtual part of the meeting, a lamp lights up in the real meeting room, thus reducing the risk of participants drowning out and not being heard. In addition, the virtual hearts and thumbs from teams are shown on the monitors so that moderators, speakers and the live audience can all react to them.

Swivelling cameras that automatically focus on the current speaker enable the presenter to fully concentrate on their presentation.

Tips for organising hybrid events

Make sure to discuss whether the planned event works for both participant groups, as this is the key to hosting a fair and successful meeting. Your employees will appreciate it!

Breaks are essential for longer meetings. Physical participants can use the local facilities for their breaks and, for example, go for a walk and have a coffee together. But virtual participants can also be offered something to do during the breaks. For example, provide online break rooms where everyone can talk as much as they like, possibly with some ambient background music and tips for snacks.

Stay on schedule to balance experience for virtual and physical guests. For example, let the break for virtual participants run 5 minutes longer, so the physical guests can take their seats in peace and be highly focused when the meeting resumes. Try to bring in the virtual space more by sharing any hidden events. If particular moments are not experienced by the online guests, explain what is happening, so everyone feels more included in the overall experience.

The changing world of work

The working world is definitely undergoing significant changes, with structures and processes experiencing transformations and continuously adapting to human needs and requirements. For a better and more inclusive working environment, the new hybrid meeting culture can be one approach. However, even with small changes, you can enable your employees to maintain a balanced work-life relationship and become even more integrated into the team and the company. Feel free to reach out to us, and we will work together to explore how you can offer even more to your company.

You can find even more information and an illustrative video here: https://www.microsoft.com/en/microsoft-teams/microsoft-teams-roomsExternal Link

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