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Duet AI becomes Gemini: an overview of Google's Gen AI products

2023 was the year of Generative AI at Google Cloud. In the summer, alongside the ChatGPT counterpart Google Bard, the company released Duet AI for Google Workspace, Duet AI for AppSheetExternal Link and Duet AI for Google CloudExternal Link, helpful AI functions that support users in their daily work and make existing work processes more efficient. A few months later, Google announced GeminiExternal Link, its largest and most powerful AI model to date.

Google Gemini

Google is now merging all Gen AI products under one brand, which means that Duet AI (and Bard) will also become Gemini in future:

  • Google Workspace: More than one million people are already using functions such as "Help with writing" to increase their productivity and creativity with Duet AI. Duet AI for Google Workspace will become Gemini for Workspace in the future
  • Google Cloud: Duet AI will also become Gemini for cloud users in the coming weeks. Among other things, Gemini will help companies to increase their productivity, support developers in programming faster and help organisations to protect themselves against cyberattacks.
  • Google Bard: Google's Gen AI chatbot, Google Bard, is also being renamed Gemini and is being given a paid subscription model with Gemini Advanced, which gives users access to "Ultra 1.0", Gemini's largest and most powerful AI model.

Further information on the Gemini announcement can be found in the Google Cloud press releaseExternal Link.

Our experts for Google Cloud and Google Workspace will be happy to support you in evaluating and introducing Gemini's Gen AI functions into your IT infrastructure.

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